What are signs a girl isn't interested via text messages?

That's all I'm asking


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  • short answers like, yeahe, cool...not really expanding on their answers.


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  • If she keeps coming up with excuses why she can't hang out... then she's not interested. if she wants to hang out, she'll make time.

  • Takes too long for responding, always saying they have to go, doesn't keep the convo alive.


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  • One, your texting instead of talking. That's a big one right there. You've got a damn phone! Talk to her!

    • I'll freeze if I call or she'll see I'm very nervous about it.

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    • You've got a point there

    • It's OK to be nervous. That's part of the excitement. Once the conversation is over, you'll be a huge adrenalin rush. Enjoy it!