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Why do guys have to leave the toilet seat down?

What is the big deal? Can the girl put it down herself? I never find myself complaining or getting angry about the fact that I have to put it down... Show More

I learned something very important today boys and girls. If you want a girl to reveal her inner bitch (if she has one), raise the subject of toilet seats and her inner bitch will be released! This is a good first date question!

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  • really I don't understand why there is such a big fight over this. Its the toilet seat for crying out loud, of all the things to fight over. its a courtesy, but its such a simple thing it can be forgotten.

    • Equality means both can extend the courtesy like the above poster said.

    • I find it commical that someone actually disagrees with me.

What Girls Said 10

  • I honestly don't understand what the big deal is either. When I hear another girl ask why a guy can't leave the toilet seat down, I ask why she can't just leave it up. If it was an incredibly strenuous task, then I would say the guy had to do it since they're the one who put it there, but it's not, so who cares?

  • Well yeah it's true that it's kind of a common courtesy thing

    But really, it's not a big deal in my opinion. I mean, it's a toilet seat, it doesn't kill anyone to put it down, guy or girl. No use complaining about it haha :]

  • Was your point there to reveal someone's bitchiology? Well the question is based on gender and it's obvious two sides are gonna disagree. Now if I reversed this question why guys don't leave it down after their business, wouldn't it reveal inner bitches in you guys? :)

    Ok let's not fight. Simply the seat has to be left down because that's what the cover of the toilet is used for, to prevent spreading the bacteria. Is it so hard to damn it leave it down? :)

  • It's polite if the guy puts the toilet seat back down, however I don't think its too big a deal. What really bugs me is when guys happen to miss the bowl, get pee all over the toilet and not bother to clean it up.

  • OMG it's because the fight between sexes will never end! :) So just shut up and put it down, you silly :)

    • Expecting one person to cater to the other only because of their gender is sexist. Period. Little things like this are good examples of women that want equality, but shirk the responsibility that comes along with it.

      Ideally when it comes to this specific topic, then both parties can show their respect by putting it up, or letting it down when they're finished. After all, fair is fair.

    • Or lets do one better....how bout we adopt the 'HOLE' in the floor system with the gymnastic rings hanging from the ceiling. I think some countries like Turkey and Korea use such efficient systems whereby you just do your business (take your pick: 1 or 2) and no flushing, and no toilet seat to worry about!

    • Pppardon me sir, but when men wanna do a big business in the toilet other than to spill their beer out they use the toilet down the way it was. For women it either way has to be down. So ratio 3:1 of toilet seat needed to be used down. Can you hear me, huh? :)

  • I think its a common courtesy thing. YOU lifted the seat to pee so YOU should be responsible for putting it back down.

    • And if you put it down then you can lift it up when you're done. Respect and courtesy are a 2 way street.

  • I am a little surprised that women are still arguing about this. I mean, we are in the, what, 21st century, right?

    I never saw a big deal with it; it doesn't take much effort to flick a toilet seat down. I've never actually batted an eye when people leave the seats up; it's not the putting it down myself is some terribly tragic ordeal that causes me to break a sweat or something. :p

    I'm thinking your girl (or whoever made you ask this question) is just a little too high strung.

  • i don't see what the HUGE deal is, someone forgetting to leave the toilet seat down doesn't matter to me, all you have to do is flick the seat and its down again.

    whats a matter?

    you fell in the toilet? LOL

    or your to lazy to flick the seat yourself?

    But it is gentlemanly to put the seat down,

    my point is nobodys perfect and its only a plastic ring on the top of the poop drain!

  • that's gross . if you found the toilet seat down, then put it back down.

  • Unless there are pets, children, or company in the house I think all adults should be able to recognize what position the seat is in and change it if necessary. It's dumb that girls demand the seat be down, if they are going to complain about that shouldn't guys be allowed to complain about the seat being left down? If there aren't pets, kids or company on the house I don't see why it is such a big problem, just look before you let it out.

What Guys Said 7

  • A married couple I am friends with have a good rule for this. The female came up with this, because she didn't find it fair that men are expected to carry this, along with many other acts out. When she is done using the toilet, she puts the lid up. When he's done, he puts the lid down.

    Simple. Easy. Nothing to fight over.

    So my feeling, let's all do the above, and then everyone feels good.

    • As far as "inner bitch" goes, if you respect her, she should respect you. And if she can't, she needs to hit the road.

  • This question reminds me of what I'd say if a girl asked me why men always leave the toilet seat up; "Uhm, that's how we use it!" If ya want us to leave it down, oook, but you'd not like the results I'm sure! ;)

    Seriously though, in my household it's not a problem for two reasons. One, no women! Eventually I'd like it to happen but currently it's a no go. Secondly, I always put the seat and the lid down as I have cat's and don't want them having their own little swimming pools. :P

    But as mentioned earlier, it's just as easy for a woman to put it down as it is for a man. If a woman is going to get all high and mighty (read bitchy I guess) about the toilet seat, then I'd come back with "Why don't you leave it up?" But, honestly I'd vote to just put both the seat and lid down.

    I honestly think it's just really one of those questions that is an invitation to a fight like "Do these pants make me look fat?" type of thing.

  • Okay, imagine this. You're a woman that wakes up at 2 in the morning because you have to pee. You stumble in to the bathroom in a fatigue based daze only to fall into the toilet, ass first.

    Although it may be as funny as hell (I've seen it done before) how would you feel in this situation?

    Stumbling in to the bathroom to "do your business" and instead getting an ass full of toilet water. If you want to avoid an argument just put the seat back down, or sit down to pee haha

    • How hard is it to look? guys never fall in when they need to crap!

  • I just do it naturally. Something I was always told to do when I was young so I don't do it on purpose or anything.

    • Did everyone just decide to disagree with everyone on this. Pathetic.

  • Personally, I not only keep the seat down when not in the bathroom, but also the lid. My mother made sure I kept the seat down when I was growing up. Then one day, I realized she just wanted the convenience for herself. So I decided, if I have to lift the seat, she does too. I'll tell you, it's easier putting it down than up, especially at my height. That's not why I do it now though. I actually stopped doing that when I moved out of my parents house. Now I do it again because I studied Feng Shui a bit, and the seat and lid should both be down when not in use. Also, it's more visually appealing and you don't have to worry about dropping anything in the toilet with the lid down.

  • I have found that if you install an AN-PEQ-2 Laser Aiming Module or the AN-PEQ-6 as seen here: link - to your schnitz.you won't have to leave the toilet seat up again. Where the laser points.is exactly where you'll pee. No calculation, no touching the toilet seat.and works in low light conditions. You're Girl will be happy.

    • *edit* YOUR girl will be happy - not 'you're' Too bad the AN-PEQ can't spell check at 4am

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