Why do guys have to leave the toilet seat down?

What is the big deal? Can the girl put it down herself? I never find myself complaining or getting angry about the fact that I have to put it down when I need to go number 2. Guys being as resourceful as we are we would just leave it down all the time if it becomes an issue, and in that case the... Show More

I learned something very important today boys and girls. If you want a girl to reveal her inner bitch (if she has one), raise the subject of toilet seats and her inner bitch will be released! This is a good first date question!

Most Helpful Guy

  • really I don't understand why there is such a big fight over this. Its the toilet seat for crying out loud, of all the things to fight over. its a courtesy, but its such a simple thing it can be forgotten.

    • Equality means both can extend the courtesy like the above poster said.

    • I find it commical that someone actually disagrees with me.