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Extremely depressed over my crush. Did I do the right thing by deleting him?

Basically what happened was, we met 2 years ago, we were attracted to each other, never acknowledged it, so it wasn't 100% confirmed, the most that... Show More

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  • if it was never acknowledged and not 100% confirmed,

    then how do you know he was attracted to you ?

    it seems like he might of been a little flirty,

    but saw you as a friend.

    i think you should of talked to him in person, on the phone, etc.

    just not in a message [ before ] you deleted him.

    either way, its best to move on.

  • Who knows what his intentions were towards; it doesn't matter though. If you told him the way you feel and he didn't acknowledge it then deleting him is the best thing you could have done. Out of site out of mind.

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