Why does he ask if I am single, or in a serious relationship?

This guy I'm aquanaut with , is always very persistent to ask if I have a boyfriend or in a serious relationship! I say " no" and he always says. "What, Do you not date?" Why does he seem to be so worried about if I'm single? We are kinda just lovers and friends.


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  • Isn't that a normal thing to want to know if he's a 'lover and friend?' He wants to know how far he can go with you and this infomration is ..kinda vital!


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  • aquanaut?

    • LMAO spell check! Aquaintance

    • LOL, after reading "aquanaut", that totally threw me off.

    • HAHA yea pretty funnny, like wtf is aquanaut lolo

What Girls Said 2

  • to make sure he has you all to himself?

    next time, say yes and see how he reacts...

  • he sees you as dating potential.