How to trust guys again after being hurt a LOT?

my boyfriend of 5 years, my best friend, the person I trusted most in the world left me for another girl, betrayed me, hurt me, rejected me..

i have no idea on how to trust guys again or to trust anyone with my heart...i am just so hurt

any hints?


Most Helpful Girl

  • It isn't guys you need to learn to trust - it's your own judgment.

    Just because a guy screwed you over doesn't mean all men will behave the same way. So you need to accept that your past relationship was a unique experience that has no bearing on future relationships. Each guy deserves to start with a clean slate or you will be stirring up all kinds of problems that could have been avoided.

    So - you need to allow yourself to heal from your last relationship. You need to accept that your ex is responsible for his behavior; his betrayal is his to own - it wasn't your fault you trusted someone and got hurt. I know it's bad - but you didn't deserve it.

    He isn't every future boyfriend you will hopefully have. Remember that - he doesn't represent anything but himself.

    Good luck.