How to trust guys again after being hurt a LOT?

my boyfriend of 5 years, my best friend, the person I trusted most in the world left me for another girl, betrayed me, hurt me, rejected me..

i have no idea on how to trust guys again or to trust anyone with my heart...i am just so hurt

any hints?


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  • It isn't guys you need to learn to trust - it's your own judgment.

    Just because a guy screwed you over doesn't mean all men will behave the same way. So you need to accept that your past relationship was a unique experience that has no bearing on future relationships. Each guy deserves to start with a clean slate or you will be stirring up all kinds of problems that could have been avoided.

    So - you need to allow yourself to heal from your last relationship. You need to accept that your ex is responsible for his behavior; his betrayal is his to own - it wasn't your fault you trusted someone and got hurt. I know it's bad - but you didn't deserve it.

    He isn't every future boyfriend you will hopefully have. Remember that - he doesn't represent anything but himself.

    Good luck.


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  • take some time off relationships while you're still feeling this hurt. Simple-Simonette's advice is very sound.

  • He's just one guy. Not all men are like that. When you meet another guy make him earn your trust.


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  • time and excersize

  • Just hold on and go chill out with your friends,go shopping or to the beach/sea,just go to some places that you like,try not to think about what happened.

    Everything happened for a reason..

    And about the trust,these days you can't trust anyone.

    GD LUCK =>

  • Im in the same boat as you. Guys can move a lot quicker than girls. But I know now be careful of this person. Watch their moves and motives. People get red flags about their partner. We seemed to miss them when we are in love and do not recognize the wrongs. Trust should be earned, not just given.