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If a guy just stares at you but rarely smiles/talks does that mean he hates you?

Say a guy always stares at you and when you pass by him he stares and look in your eyes but rarely ever talks and/or smiles...Does this mean he hates... Show More

This guy does other strange things with me too, not just the staring.

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  • Either you did something that you are not aware of or just the site of you gets him like a deer in the headlights. Try starting a innocent conversation with him and see how he acts.

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    I jus recently moved and I have this neighbor who rides my bus. While walking to this bus stop I notice him staring at me like he hates me his like he is glaring at me and once I think he followed me to my locker because when I stopped at my locker he passed me went a few steps turned around and left. Even when we are getting on the bus to go home I notice him staring at me when I get on. I've also noticed that when I stare at something out the window for a certain amount of time it seems like he turns to see what I'm looking at. The weird thing is I can't stop thinking about him I suddenly have this sudden urge to learn everything about him and I'm actually looking forward to bus rides. I don't think I like him or anything its just well I don't even know how to explain it. He is really quiet when ever I see him he just listens to his ipod. I can't figure out whether I want to know more about him because I like him or because he creeps me out and I want to know what his problem is.

    I WAS TOLD THAT HE IS INTO ME OR JUST A CREEP!1 I've never even talked to the guy nor has he talked to me

    • I posted something very similar to your story. This kid who?s my neighbor is on my bus and usually sits behind me if he can. He?s a grade higher than me. My mom asked him a question about school and he said he would get back to me on the answer, but he never did. He's always listening to his ipod getting off the bus so I can't even say hi to him cause he won't hear me. I see him at lunch and sometimes he'll stare at me and I see him in the hallway and he won?t talk to me at all.

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