If my boyfriend loves me so much, why does he lie and cheat on me?

So I have been dating this guy for a year now.. he's always made it clear that I'm his dream girl and perfect for him.. this whole year we dated I have caught him in lies and him talking to other girls.. I would cut things off with him, but somehow he always manages to get me to come back.. until about 3 weeks ago I caught him in a HUGE lie that I kind of knew was coming and I told him this was his last chance to pull it together and he said he is 100% committed and stuff .. so I told him he needs to prove it to me for real this time, because I'm not putting up with the bs anymore.. so a week ago .. he went to bed and I have never looked through his phone before.. but something was telling to.. so I did.. and guess what I find... ummm 2 naked pictures of girls that I knew because he talked to them a while ago and then I found all these texts and messages telling girls he thought they were sexy and wanted to meet up and that he was single .. when it was clear he wasn't.. so I broke up with him and now he hasn't left me alone and is telling me he's realizing I'm the hottest girl he's ever talked to and I'm "too hott".. and he wants me back and all that sh*t.. and I don't know what to do .. I really loved him and he's trying to prove to me I can trust him ... I don't know what is wrong with him.. I still love him and I have no idea why.. I bet he's talking to so many chicks, but of course he's saying he loves me and wants to be with me only.. ugh. :(

so I listened to all and everyone was telling me the same thing to and I kicked him out of my life and haven't talked to him for a week and I'm so happy without him! life is so much better and less stressful. The single life is the way to go.. ;)


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  • Honestly, he doesn't love you and he's fully of sh*t. Love is about commitment, honesty and being trustworthy and he has shown no indication that he's any of these. When a man loves a women and says your his dream girl, then that's all he wants to see and flirt with; his one dream girl. If he is focusing on multiple women, this means he's spending more energy on other people than towards you. Love is about 100% focus on each other. I don't mean that you two should hide away from the world, but if you both love each other, then both of you need to show that intimate energy only to each other. But because he's lacking in the aspect, he doesn't really love you. Its the hard truth, but its the truth. Love is not like candy that we freely give on halloween, It should be treated with much respect and honesty. It should be treated as if its the last of its kind and should be used wisely.


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  • Stay strong and never give up on yourself. Have a great time in your new chapter of your life.

  • Because he doesn't love you that much. He doesn't respect you either for that matter. If he did love and respect you he wouldn't be treating you like this. Respect yourself and dump this douche bag.


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  • Seems like your boy never ever "Cared" about you. When a guy comes crawling back to you, it shouldn't be because your "Hot"

  • You still believe his bull****,i think he repeated the same bull****.

    you forgive too much.

    Kik him out of your life.

    He will do it again & again & again & again & again & again...etc,Till you kik him out o your life.

    You give him two chances and he let you down twice.

    And it's your decision.