Does he really want me? Or is he lying?

My ex and I are talking again, we never stopped. But there was a time when he was secretly seeing another girl and didn't tell me, I got p*ssed off cause he had invited me to stay at his house and was still kissing me in front of his friends (they knew bout the other girl and helped him lie), and texting me when he's t work saying he misses me and saying that he loves me to my face.

Anyways, when I found out about the other girl I was so hurt we had a big fight and he said things to me that were hurtful. We didn't talk for couple of days but then I asked him to send some of my stuff down, and he came out with this massive apology, saying he is sorry for hurting my feelings, and that no matter what I'm always going to be a massive part of his life.

Anyways we have started talking everyday, he always emails me and calls me, and he said that he wants a life with me. I'm still a little cautious cause he was really good at lying, but does it sound like he wants to be with me?


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  • I don't want to use my previous experiences with guys because it may put you off to get back with this guy who you clearly do care about. But guys will say anything! To get you back and because you love them you believe them because you want to believe their good and their different. I'm not saying his a bad person but just be weary about what his done in the past, whose to say he won't do it again? I think you should give it some time and tell him to prove to you that his changed and he won't do it again, because actions speak louder than words. It does sound like he wants to be with you but is it for the right reasons? That's what you've got to try and find out, because if you let him back into your life he might hurt you again and obviously you don't want that, because it will then affect your future boyfriends because you'll find it hard to trust them because of what this one has done to you before, believe me I'm in that position right now where I'm struggling to believe what a guy tells me because of previous experiences and what his done before as well. Also how will you know say if he was to do it again because like you said his friends helped him lie...

    • Thats what I'm worried about. I know I'm not going to get back with him for a while, mainly cause I feel like an idiot in fron of his friends. But he has been going through a lot and getting drunk every night, and he's been depressed, so I dunno, he said that their was never anyone else. But I'm purposely being a bit harsh with him to see if he sticks it out, and so far he has. I really just don't wanna get my hopes up if he does something again. I also hope you are able to move on soon . Good luck


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  • my view on ex's. NEVER GET BACK WITH THEM! girls are forgiving their exes left and right, be an exception and don't let him get too close anymore. hold yourself to a higher standard. throw out the old trash. find new prospects


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  • Well maybe being harsh with him is a good thing, I mean look at what his done to you, lied to you, humiliate you in front of his friends, played you and cheated on you! I know what it feels like and then some how you end up feeling sorry for them. Yeah but do you know his depressed? or is he telling you that so you end up feeling like the guilty one and taking him back that's what you gotta think about