Why can't people respect boundaries?

Why do girls and guys go after people who are already in a relationship? It makes me so mad. Why do people do it?


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  • Imagine this: You see a cute guy

    Imagine this: They see a cute guy

    It's like clothing or hobbies; everyone is tempted by different things, but with 6.4billion people in the world, do you think you are gonna be the only one to find and keep a certain person? Only if your value is above that of all the rest.

    Venting your frustration about these other people, isn't going to do anything to resolve the issue; infact it works against your favor by lowering your own value due to (what men call) "Bitching". Everyone in this world, hates drama or negativity. So voicing your concern or fear isn't going to help anything, it's actually going to hurt anything that's been established.

    So instead of hurting your chances, learn to work them in your favor. For instance, do you really think that you aren't going to find someone else that is absolutely awesome? Just because this guy had your heart for a short while and some random stranger took that away, does not mean you won't find happiness. Infact it means you have a better chance at finding it - The logic is in plain sight: Your (ex)boyfriend was disloyal in emotionally/physically flirting with another woman, in which he was disloyal. Do you really think a disloyal boyfriend is the best to keep around when you have a fear of losing them to someone else? probably not.

    - Another way of working them in your favor, is to realize that you have confidence, value, and attractive qualities within yourself that make you unique. Imagine the body-builders that are dumb, or the geek that is really smart.. To the body builder, doing math may make him feel "rejected" or out of his comfort zone; but in the gym he probably feels like god, as if it were his home and everyone was his guest. And the same of the math nerd, he may not feel comfortable in the gym, but he would feel amazing while taking tests or doing homework. We all have our own qualities and quirks that make us who we are, it's learning to work those into our confidence that divide us into individuals, then bring us together as human beings.

    I hope it helps, but keep your chin up; it'll hopefully pass as you enter adulthood (for the most part, unfortunately there will always be temptation in todays world).

    ~ ArtistBBoy

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