Are some people just destined to be alone?

I've never done anything with a girl, I have no confidence, and I'm not attractive. Are some people just destined to be alone and stuck in a sh*tty position?

I didn't mean for this to be all whiny and sad either. I'm actual wondering what people have to say.


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  • Yes, with an attitude like that, you are setting yourself up to be alone. You have to look for your good qualities then accept, own and appreciate them! No one ever got a girl by telling her how much he didn't like himself. Girls like confidence. Some people do end up alone forever but it's because they chose to be. It's all about attitude! You're a great guy and when you realize it, girls will start to as well! Good luck :)

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      Yeah I don't know how to realize it. I've been like this for the past 8 years.