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Why do guys like young, obnoxious, immature girls?

Why do guys like young, obnoxious, immature girls?

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  • I would say it's because young obnoxious girls are gullible and promiscuous which makes having sex with them much easier than girls who want things like commitment and children.Men don't have that strong desire to procreate we just want sex because even web md will tell you me naturally have a stronger libido than women in most cases. I would love to find a smart girl that had a strong libido and a nice body that's the kind of woman most guys want, but because there is such a high demand for girls like that it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. Also men will settle for good looks over brains because a woman's vast knowledge of math and culture won't do anything for the mans penis.men look for short term relationships women want long term relationships and it just doesn't work out well.

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  • HA! perfect example would be the band girlfriend. there's a question, why do relatively attractive, intelligent guys in bands always date the girls who wear ten pounds of makeup, have no creativitiy with their clothes, and stalk around like indignant house-trained cats?

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