Do you think guys should have a say in abortion?

Like should a woman be able to kill a father's baby?

I see both is the woman's body overall that must nurture the and house the hild for 9 months...

but at the same time how come a guy can be expected to pay child support and yet have no say in what happens up until then...there really isn't any fair solution in my mind. However, I have heard there have been cases were men have been let out of child support if a woman got prego on purpose even when she agreed not to.. (like poking holes in condoms/not taking the pill stuff I mean). But that's another story...

Basically people should figure it out before they mess around ideal.


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  • "Basically people should figure it out before they mess around.." I totally agree. A really good friend of mine got pregnant and her boyfriend told her she had to chose either him or the baby, because if she didn't have an abortion he was hurt hurt, a lot to have to chose. I think that because the woman will have the most responsibility of taking care of the child and it is her body its her final choice. But also agree that it should be discussed by both parents, as they are both involved,(ive talked with my boyfriend about it and the decision would definitely be made by both of us) I know lots of guys who wouldn't care/wouldnt want 2 have anything to do with it and its really cool that you actually care. I also wander why if a drunk driver were to cause the death of a pregnant woman he would be charged with killing two people, but if earlier that same day the mother had gotten an abortion then there's nothing wrong with it. Some things just don't make sense and there's nothing you can do about it :/

    • Yea...i should mention that when I said this..I was msotly talking about when the girl wants toa bort and the guy wants the kid...i don't think a guy should ever be able to force a girl to get an abortion. that's disgusting.

    • Yea. And I do agree that the decision should be made by both of them and not one sided.

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  • I believe the guy has a right in what happens to the fetus. Because he helped make it, so he should have a say in the final decision to keep, abort or give up for adoption.

    I dated a guy... and I wanted to talk it out before anything happened. "If I got preg... what would you think we should do?" I asked one day outta curiosity. His reply? "I don't care. Its your body. You do what you want to do" That hurt like hell... He helped make it, but doesn't want a say in what option is chosen? I think guys should WANT to give an opinion and a say in the end choice.

    • Wow...u were hurt? That's acctually a good thing...I'd love to be with a girl like you who actually has a desire for her boyfriend to care about her and the baby...I know what you mean I don't get guys that just do can you not feel a connection to your own flesh and blood (or what might become your child anyway)...don't get it, I would definitely care.

    • I was really hurt. Because you can't make a baby on your own... so can one really decide what is best for the probably baby and what to do as a couple alone too? Sure... but it would be a harder decision. I told him, I would keep it if I ended up pregnant. He said OK, I'll be there IF you need me. Jee... so now he tells me he doesn't really want to be there? Idk... I don't understand why SOME guys don't want to be active in this choice...

    • Me either...and I'm even a guy lol

  • It's biology, and life's not fair

    Your consent to having a child was given when your penis entered her vagina

    It may not have been the result you wanted but it is your parting gift for playing the game

    The law has no say on what the woman must to do with the baby in her stomach because as of the 1st 9 months the baby is her body

    Her body Her choice

    And no I don't think a man should have a say on what happens to the baby once she is impregnated because that means abdicating a womans' right to her own body and no one has right to that.

    I understand the imense despair when the woman wants an abortion and the man doesn't, but this world is too corrupt to put in place grounds for authority or a man to determine the outcome of a woman's life against her will. It's against the human rights amendment

    • "Your consent to having a child was given when your penis entered her vagina" her consent to having a child was given when she spread her legs..and not it's not her body...the baby is an independen person..

      "determine the outcome of a woman's life against her will"...but he woman can kill the man's baby..op yea that doesn' change his life....also wha about the baby's "human rights"?

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    • It can't be charged as homicide in my country. But if you are saying that in your legal system, he can be charged as a murder...thats makes sense because he he had no right to destroy the woman's prerrogative to carry the, if she lost her baby because of others' fault....(and it can't be return as the stage it was before)'s fair to punish him, but why would the woman be punished if she decide to have an abortion, if she's ONLY exercising her right, which is given by law?

    • What is the human rights amendment?

  • I only agree with abortion in two circumstances. If a girl was raped or if the pregnancy can put the mothers life in danger. Obviously a girl isn't going to ask her rapist for an opinion, and I would hope a guy wouldn't want the child to live if he knows the mother is going to die. In any circumstance people should realize that having sex leads to children, so it's not really an accident when the girl gets pregnant. I think if an accidental pregnancy occurs it should have been talked over beforehand. The couple should have agreed on what to do before having sex. Hope this helps! (:

  • I think a woman should take the father's opinion into consideration, but ultimately it has to be her decision. He does have a right to have a say in the matter but at the same time, like you pointed out, it is her body and life, not his, no matter how amazing a dad he could be.

    • But also///it is partly HIS child...thats something else to consider

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    • Uggh OK this is the last post I'm doing because we clearly cannot agree and I refuse to waste more time. The slavery issue was furthered by a history of economic and political as well as social that hindered equality. If anything, these factors would prevent further legalization of abortion. Bottom line, this is it, you cannot force a woman to adhere to your moral code, especially when it impacts her life in an extreme way,

    • I can't but the country could. If Roe V. Wade gets overturned then yes, women who get aobrtions will be in trouble (or at least the people who perform it will). And I mean its becoming more Nebraska its been pelled bacj, PB aobrtions were outlawed in 2003 and the law was upheld in 2007. The pro-life movement is making progress in creating more restritcions. And like I said ALL LAWS RESTRICT FREEDOM...can you tell me I can't rape a girl? how dare you tell me what to do w my life!

  • i think that a guy should have a say in whether they keep the kid or not. But the overall decision shouold be the girls because she's gotta go through the 9 months of carrying it and then the pain of giving birth.

    But guys should b able to say what they think

    • Well of course they can say what they think...but I hoenstly think a child is the property of 2 people..bbasically its more hypocrisy in my opinion..women are given ultimate authiroty so why are guys expected to pay child support? if your binded to pay money...u deserve a somethign ahs to give either 1) guys should be able to sign away rights/responsiblities..or women should not have 100% authority.

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    • So your saying that you don't care if the kid ends up in care as long as its born?

      u'd let the kid go through a hard life because one of the parents don't love it?

      are you insane! I'd rather have an abortion than letting the child go through a hard life where they won't be loved like a child should be.

    • Ask any kids who are in foster homes if they wish they were dead..I doubt hardly any would argue they do...and if they do..they would commit suicide. The child has a right to live. Let me ask you this...if suddnely a 6 month old was in siatuiation where it life would end up difficult..would you kill it? Why is a child's right to live optional just because it is in a different location?

  • I agree with your last paragraph... but overall, do you have a better option? I think that how the things are, is already the closer of what could be consider as "fair" as possible... because it's not acceptable that a guy could force the girl and her body to keep the baby or to have an abortion. Remember that your prerrogative and right finishes when the other starts...and it's unquestionable that the woman has the right to decide the future of her body and baby... So I'm not saying that the perfect solution, but the more reasonable

    • Yea, there no "good" solution..but I will say I think that a guy should be able to keep the baby...but not be able to get the women to abort...I think its one thing to want a girl to carry a child for 9 months..another to ask her to kill her own child. "decide the future of her body and baby" Well its her body..but its not just her baby, it's also the man's...and I feel like if you don't want to be expected to be pregnant and keep the baby..keep your legs closed...harsh but true

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    • I wasn't aware you could read emotions....thanks for trying to patronize me...and if what you described is the case in brazil...its different from the u.s....i believe in exceptions...but in america you can pretty much do it whenever you want...

    • Thats sad.

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  • Personally I think it's the womans body so let her do whatever the hell she wants with it (ie; flicking off all pro-lifers by getting an abortion)

    However, I think that if the man makes it obvious from the very beginning that he has no interest in having a child and that he will not support it (as should be his choice) then he has the option of paying towards an abortion or the mother can choose to raise the child alone. Rather than the man having to support a child he didn't want because of the choices of others.

  • Well, I don't agree with Roe vs Wade, but since it is the law of the land (legislated from the judiciary, but still the law I guess) I believe that men should be able to have their version of abortion. If a woman is pregnant the father should have the option of waiving all parental rights in exchange for all parental responsibilities, which is exactly what a woman can do when she gets an abortion. The constitution guarantees equal protection under the law, which we don't have right now because women have options men don't.

    So, until we get this 'baby killing is okay" misunderstanding straightened out, we really need something in place to ensure men have the same rights as women,

    • Agreed...we should take being "pro-choice" full circle.

  • Why would the dad NOT have a say? If it's a deadbeat dad then he forfeited his right to speak on anything, but if he is a family man then he should 100% have a say in all matters.

    • I agrre but how can you measure that? plus I mean I don't think a deadbeat would care anyway.

  • yeah as a guy obviously I think so. what people don't uderstand is that you said just "having a say in".

    it is not fair for either side to have full control. it is mutual, therefore both parties should have to decide together