Do you think guys should have a say in abortion?

Like should a woman be able to kill a father's baby?

I see both is the woman's body overall that must nurture the and house the hild for 9 months...

but at the same time how come a guy can be expected to pay child support and yet have no say in what happens up until then...there really isn't any fair solution in my mind. However, I have heard there have been cases were men have been let out of child support if a woman got prego on purpose even when she agreed not to.. (like poking holes in condoms/not taking the pill stuff I mean). But that's another story...

Basically people should figure it out before they mess around ideal.


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  • "Basically people should figure it out before they mess around.." I totally agree. A really good friend of mine got pregnant and her boyfriend told her she had to chose either him or the baby, because if she didn't have an abortion he was hurt hurt, a lot to have to chose. I think that because the woman will have the most responsibility of taking care of the child and it is her body its her final choice. But also agree that it should be discussed by both parents, as they are both involved,(ive talked with my boyfriend about it and the decision would definitely be made by both of us) I know lots of guys who wouldn't care/wouldnt want 2 have anything to do with it and its really cool that you actually care. I also wander why if a drunk driver were to cause the death of a pregnant woman he would be charged with killing two people, but if earlier that same day the mother had gotten an abortion then there's nothing wrong with it. Some things just don't make sense and there's nothing you can do about it :/

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      Yea...i should mention that when I said this..I was msotly talking about when the girl wants toa bort and the guy wants the kid...i don't think a guy should ever be able to force a girl to get an abortion. that's disgusting.

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      Yea. And I do agree that the decision should be made by both of them and not one sided.