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What does white guys consider dark skin?

I was talking to this white guy and he said he likes dark skin? When you typically say dark skin around which type of skin tone do you usually... Show More

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  • I` m not sure what white guys think but speaking as a pale gal to me the following is what I see as light and darkShakira has a light skin tone as does Selma HayekChristina Milan is a tanned colorEva Pigfors is darkGabrielle Union is darkKelly Rowland is DarkI wanna be as tanned as Christina Millian for a while

    • Lol thank you for your input.

    • Your most welcome

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  • Maybe somewhere between Gabrielle Union and Alex Wek id say, Eva Pigford seems quite light

    • I mean yeah I think they're light skinned but I remember talking to this one girl and her friend who tans and they complimented each others tan saying "you look so dark" but they couldn't be any darker than say Selma Hayek and then my skintone came up in the conversation when I joined and they said I was "really reallly dark" and I'm like Gabrielle Union's skintone. So after that I kind of thought that white people had a different perception on what's dark and what's light so that's why I asked.

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    • Lol oh okay then yeah that makes sense. Thank you I like being dark skinned and I have always loved Gabrielle Union.

    • :P, yeah nothing wrong with it I perfer to call them dark beauties though, gabrielle union is awsome she is one of favorite actors, unfortunately she doesn't seem to get that many roles :(

  • Gabrielle Union is dark.

  • Tan or darker for me.To black , even purple.

  • Darker than mine.

    • & What's yours?

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    • I didn't think you would have pictures up because of you main image. Sorry.

    • Lol. No problem. I was joking anyways :P

  • Olive colored skin.

    • Well there's different shades that's considered olive so can you give me a name of a person as an example?

    • No need for names. Google "Italian Olive skin"

    • Um did you try to google that before you asked me to because that pretty much didn't help at all 5 different people came up that skin tones usually aren't too similar.

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  • For some reason I feel like white people consider anyone darker than Beyonce to be dark LOL. Whenever you look in the drugstore makeup section and they have labels, Fair, Light, Medium, Tan, and Dark...dark is always like a light skinned black girl. Keep in mind they are going off of what they are used to. In my eyes Kelly Rowland and darker is dark skinned. I would consider Gabrielle brown and anyone lighter than Eva light skinned. Salma and Shakira are just white to me.

  • Shakira's skin isn't dark and neither is Selma Hayek. Just because it's not pale and white doesn't mean it's dark.Shakira and Selma Hayek - tanChrstina Milian - light skinned with a yellow toneEva Pigford - charamel skin toneGabrielle Union - buttery brown skinnedKelly Rowland - brown skinnedAlek Wek - dark skinned

  • I think tanner skinned people are considered dark for a lot of white people but everyone is different. you should just ask the guy what he personally considers dark to be. personally I think dark on the scale of all races and skin tones starts with christina milian. she's light for a person of color but she is still dark compared to more european latinas and certainly compared to most white people.

  • LMAO I can't believe most white people are saying gabrielle union and kelly rowland are dark! this is SO surprising to me because I'm gabrielle u.'s color, a little lighter, and a LOT of people consider me light skinned. this is more of what my skin color is like: link so ridiculous to me.

    • Um you are dark honey accept it.You don't have to be Alek Wek's color to be considered dark.

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    • Nope, you're the one using caps trying to emphasize what you're saying like you felt a certain way. I was letting you know whatever you're trying to say isn't helpful. Arrogant about what? I'm telling you the facts I wanted to know what white guys thought...not you. I'm being honest this whole time if you take that as rudeness I can't help that.

    • Girl stop you are not light skinned to anyone unless you live in Sudan somewhere.

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