Do hot girls ever think that they aren't good enough for guys?

For me I always thought that the hot/cute girls were never good enough for me, but a lot of hot/cute girls always flirt with me. I hope I don't give off a vibe that I'm too good for them or something like that. It's not them, it's me. I feel that I've got too many flaws and they seem sooo perfect and out of my league. I'm like "how is this hot girl even talking to me." So I try to avoid them, even though I really want them. Maybe I'm actually really good looking and don't know it. hmm. I would rather want a girl that had some flaws rather than a girl who was perfect though. I wouldn't feel very comfortable around them. Is that only me, or would you prefer perfect over some flaws? I think I need to stop worrying over all these little stuff =/ haha.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well it happens 2 us girls 2 like I dno.mybe guys feel intimidated sumtimes by girls hu are 'too perfect' cos personally although I enjoy bein chatted up by supa hot guys there is tht pressure of sometimes comparing yourself and wonderin what people are thinkin wen ur walkin down the street 'woah what the hell is HE doin wiv a girl like HER!?' It also depends completely on the personality as well I think.even if a guy was much better lookin than me I'd never label myself as not good enough because I mite be a lot better than HIM in other ways.I would say that it's only on our odd insecure/emotional days wen we might feel like we're not good enough although for me it's quite uncommon! XD