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Nerdy girls, do they exist? If so where can I find them?

As the title states. Ive been looking for a nerdy girl for a while now, but all the women who I could actually muster up the courage to talk to were... Show More

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  • Haha well they're trying to fit in if they avoid you...I don't think it's 'cause they don't like you, though! Don't worry, lotsa girls are nerdy in their own way :P Like me, but I don't look like one and I'm pretty open-minded, I don't mind rock music or anything, I listen to classic but doesn't mean I don't like other types...I can hold an "intelligent" conversation, I'm not stupid or anything ... I like to study (sometimes :P), I do graphics design... but I'm not too keen on the video-games, I only play those sometimes. xD

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  • Marry me? XD

  • Right here! I love nerds, they are the best. Seriously, nerdy girls are the dating world most undervalued and underestimated resource. Glad to see someone sees light. :)

  • Really? It's hard being a nerdy girl (especially one who's grown up playing video games) because then you fit in a little too well with the guys and they all see you as a friend and nothing more (or as far as I can tell).

    I suggest internet forums. You mentioned you like playing video games - then maybe join a video game forum. You might then happen to meet someone who seems to fit what you're looking for. Just hope she's who she says she is :)

    • I hear you on the fitting in a little too well thing. Guy friends are nice, but I can be in more roles than just the "one of the guys" friend.

  • haha wow...that sounds like me...0.o

    love the decapitated chicken very true...

    i would try the library or even bookstores and coffee shops?

  • My first console was a SNES (Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat 1 and 2 ♥). the best console ever was my Sega Dreamcast with RE Code:Veronica and Soul Calibur :3 Silent Hill 2 is my favorite story.
    Yes, i would avoid you if you talk about Pokemon... because i don't like it. Maybe you would do the same if i talk about Yu-Gi-Oh! (the first one, not GX and crap), Utena, Dragon Ball, Video Girl Ai, others.
    Or you would be scared if i talk to you with a bunch of "The Simpsons" references.
    Classical? are you kidding me? Best compser ever was Henry Purcell (Baroque) and then comes Smetana and Dvořák (for me).
    I'm anthropologist (paleoanthropologist, someday).
    P. S. English is not my first language, is spanish. I speak french, as well. I'm learning arabic and i had to quit Italian because the class was boring and a waste of time.
    Not sure if i look nerdy, but i'm not ugly and i really like my body shape...
    And... guess what? NERDY GUYS NEVER TALK TO ME OR LIKES ME :'( Even if i'm kind and friendly!
    Life is unfair !!!

  • Oh. My. Goodness. I asked the same question about a week ago! Is it too much to ask for a guy who can hold an intellectual conversation and understand why I was so mad that you never got to talk to Red in Pokémon Soul Silver for DS *that made me mad. I was waiting so long, for a bunch of dots?!* Trust me, we're out there and we're looking for nerdy guys! And as for bringing up your nerdiness, I wouldn't know because I own about 12 Mario shirts and almost always have one on. I don’t fit the look of nerd either, I am 5’8” and my friends say I look naturally preppy. No braces, no glasses, all NERD! (can you tell by my username?)

  • I consider myself a nerd

  • Pick up a girl from med school/engineering/ or computer science :) I know those are for sure. I've studied med, so if you decide on med school, find someone after their 2nd year :D

  • I'm a nerd.

  • in my bedroom studying or at the school library. for some reason...i like studying..im hungry for education...im on my first year of college, all my classes are interesting...i like connecting concepts and using information I learned from another class to use for another class...sorry but we're all at home studying and some us don't always look like nerds...well you could be the judge of that for me ha ha they're everywhere..you'll find her!

  • Aww this is cute :D

    And don't worry, nerdy girls exist.! They are EVERYWHERE. :) Don't worry too much now that you aren't able to find "her" just yet because she is probably just being slightly too busy playing video games or studying ;)

    I am not sure whether you are in post-secondary school yet, but trust me, there are LOADS of nerdy girls there :D You can also find those girls at school clubs or online. But I've seen quite a few of my friends' fail Online-LDR.. I say you will probably have more chance with girls who joined the video games club ;)

  • lol this is so cute ;P I love nerdy guys they're my fave. Whether or not I'm nerdy...no clue. People think I'm different though..I think outside the box ;)

    My advice to you, is not to find your soul mate on a chatline...long distance relationsips are kind of depressing. Join clubs that you're interested in, there's bound to be girls there. Have fun :) it's always hepful to have stuff in common.

  • Nerdy girls DO exist! I know I am one! I met my guy playing GW (how's that for nerdy!).

    Your interests should kinda describe you to begin with and then just say "I'm such a nerd...no really"...My guy didn't believe me and then we started talking programming and that was the clue... As far as meeting a nerdy girl...you'd probably have to meet her while doing the things you're interested in...or through friends who do the things your interested in. I don't know your community or the places you hang out or if you're in school/work so I can't be more specific. And being a nerd...perhaps an online community would be the route to go...just look for someone who isn't too far from you!

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  • Join the club my friend. I don't think I've ever mentioned Dungeons & Dragons to a girl without getting the "what planet are you from" look. Sometimes it seems like nerdy girls only exist on the internet, where they might also be 40 year old fat guys. :(

  • Online dating is your best bet for a nerdy girl.

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