Nerdy girls, do they exist? If so where can I find them?

As the title states. Ive been looking for a nerdy girl for a while now, but all the women who I could actually muster up the courage to talk to were all interested in one type of guy. A complete meat-head with the IQ of a decapitated chicken. When the women I try to get to know hear me talk... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • Haha well they're trying to fit in if they avoid you...I don't think it's 'cause they don't like you, though! Don't worry, lotsa girls are nerdy in their own way :P Like me, but I don't look like one and I'm pretty open-minded, I don't mind rock music or anything, I listen to classic but doesn't mean I don't like other types...I can hold an "intelligent" conversation, I'm not stupid or anything ... I like to study (sometimes :P), I do graphics design... but I'm not too keen on the video-games, I only play those sometimes. xD