How Should I let her know I'm interested in her?!

I'll try and make this as short as I can but provide you with the facts. there is this girl who works at this store that I go to all the time. She used to be friends with my ex girlfriend until something happened about a year ago, and now her and all of her friends no longer talk to my ex. Everytime I go into the store her and I always have small talk and we both laugh ect, and this happens about 3 times a week for the past 3 months.finally last week she facebooked me because she knows I'm friends with another guy that she knows.I wrote her a comment and she wrote me one back but I have yet to ask for her number or anything like that. Before she facebooked me I talked to my friend that knows her and he said something to her about me and said that she got all quiet and her face turned kinda red, then seriously that night when she got home is when she friend requested me. how do you think I should go about letting her know I'm interested in her?! Should I message her my number, so if she was interested in me she would have to contact me? Or should I ask her for her number and contact her?! Maybe she's not interested in me, maybe she just likes to have small talk with me and she really just likes talking to me, I really don't know.,i just don't want to come off being creepy or aggressive.Please help me, I think this girl is absoultely gorgeous. All of her friends know who I am but I've ONLY actually taken the time to talk to her, do you think she has any interest in me?! Please help:) Ladies and guys come on now


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  • Definitly ask for a date/her number in person.

    I think the facebook route would be kinda creepy.

    Incorporate into your small talk questions about the kinda things she likes to do, movies, music, food, whatever.

    After the end of one of your flirting/small talk sessions at the store, casually ask her if shed want to go to a movie/restaurant. Just make sure you're not holding up a line of customers behind you. They could get mad, as well as her manager.

    If she talks with you 3 times a week for the past 3 months, there's got to be something there.

    I wouldn't waste that much time talking to a guy I didn't like. ;)


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  • i think she likes you if she went quite nad a bit red.i think you should go to the store and ask her to go 2 the cinema tahn at teh end say I have had a good time thanks, when she says me 2 say if you want to do it some more here's my number and get to know each other more and tell her mounths later how you feel try to tell her as soon as you can.there wil never be a time where it feels good to tell her how you feel cos it will be realy sacry and hard waiting for her reaction.but from what you have said I think she likes you. good luck :D.

  • if your friend wasnt lying

    then I would think she does like you. =]

    the best way to go is when you see her again,

    you could flirt with her.

    if she's interested [which it does sound like it],

    then at the end of your conversation,

    just ask for her number.

    when guys give their number or say they're interested online,

    it tells me that they don't have the courage to do so in person

    -under certain circumstances- lol

    so just be yourself and everything should go fine =D

  • I think that is sound like she is interest in you. I think you should def ask her for her number in person I think she will appreciate that. Talk to her like any other time and then just casually say something like I really like talking to you, you should give me a call sometime and she what she says.good luck!

  • you should say "hey what you doing tonight?" or something,

    -----<3 Mary <3-----


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  • You need to make a statement of intent/interest, also known as an SOI. If you want her to know you're interested in anything more than small talk you'll need to drop in the SOI sooner rather than later. A really good one is just using the word "sexy" when describing something about her personality. Don't make it about her looks or you'll just seem like every other guy that's after her because of her looks.