Is being nice a bad thing?

people have told me that I'm too nice, like ill be with friends and they will be making fun of something and they will be like, oh she won't say anything because she is too nice. I didn't think this was a bad thing, but I can't seem to interest a guy. do guys avoid nice girls for some reason?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Good Question. Being nice is a great quality, but you have to know where to draw the line. There has to be boundaries that people should not cross with you. There's a quality of being nice or the bad characteristic of being a complete push over. You can't allow yourself to be a doormat for everyone to step on.

    Depending on the person, people perceive being nice as a weakness or a blessing. Nice people will want to be friends with you, while the others will just want to take advantage of your kind nature to see how far they can get.

    Be Smart. Be Wise. The last thing you want is someone to exploit your qualities for their own satisfaction.