Girls and their boobs?

When girls post pictures of themselves on Facebook or whatever that show a lot of cleavage and are basically really slutty, what do guys think of it?

Do they ever have less respect for girls after seeing the photos? Or do they admire them more?


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  • I think you'll find the younger the guy, the more impressed he is with that kind of thing. Most young guys are still enamored by the idea of sex and the female anatomy in general - not having much experience, they're new and exciting. I think with the abundance of internet porn even younger men are still not impressed by shoddy Facebook cleavage when they can spend 0.5 seconds on Google and find fully exposed prize-winning rack. Older men tend to view girls who make a point to post breasty pictures on Facebook as rather one dimensional. If all you're selling is tits, who cares? Been there, done that.


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  • I don't use facebook or myspace so I only have seen it a couple times. Showing off your body is not slutty to me. If you got it, show it.

    The real problem I remember is when wonen put up a sexy photo of themselves, and then they either put their profile as private or block the photo out as if it's being "classy".

    If you put up a sexy photo that's fine, but when you have restrictions on the profile that seems kind of hypocritical.

    Personally I think facebook and myspace only work for girls. If you're a guy that likes to post pictures of yoruself on the internet and "chat", I'll just leave it at that.

  • Well. I really like boobs. so I'm not gonna lie, I like it. I only lose respect for big time sluts. if a girl has revealing pics all over she is disrespecting herself. if they are just privately sent to me, well then that would make me admire her more.

  • I look at those girls and think, "Wow this girl must party all the time, and is pretty loose. Definitely not my type."


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  • A lot of guys only react badly to things they call slutty if it comes from a girl who won't put out the way they thought she would. Screw them.

  • One of the first things a new employer does.Google your name, check your web pages 2 see what they say about you.


    don't put anything out there you wouldn't want your family 2 see!

  • if you got it flaunt it

    but remember classy not trashy

    there is a fine line