I want more than FWB? what should I do?

OK I have had a friends with benefits for a couple months now.. He is amazingly Gorgeous! I feel like I really want him but I don't really know what to do.. I'm just going with the flow.. hoping he will eventually have feelings for me! I have been seeing him quite some time.. good family friend.. We do a lot more than just sex.. like shopping, hanging out even without sex... and then when we do have the sex.. It is amazing sex! I already have told him that I really really like him.. well he is hurt by an ex right now so he always cuts himself down and I hate it... and whenever I tell him he is amazing he asks me how and one time I went with a full blown awesome answer.. and he said "I don't know how you see anything in me.." I can talk to him for hours and he calls me in middle of the night just to talk about thoughts.. which I really enjoy... I just know he has been through a lot and I don't know how to express how bad I feel for him or I don't know what I could do to help him move on easier, I just wish he was mine :( It has been over a year since his divorce and he is still hurting.. I just don't know what words would be good without being pushy or anything.. I would like to have understanding words an that I am there for him type.. I just feel bad and there is really nothing I could do or say to help I feel! I just really love him and see a lot of potential in him.. I can look into his eyes and see that his soul is crushed.. would a guy always be damaged from an ex? or will he eventually move on and try find a new love life with someone? anyways, Thanks, -the one without answers


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  • Hmm...The feeling you have for him is quite powerful from what you said above.But,even though you give so much affection To HIM,he might not understand it RIGHT NOW.Because,he is mentally hurt from his EX.Are you quite sure that HE STILL DONT HAVE ANY FEELING FOR HIS EX? This is very important because it will be difficult for You to get him if he still has hidden love for his EX.

    But the hope You have is that 'If he waits for His EX for long and no positive response and on the other side YOU ARE caring and loving him at that amount he expects from his EX,then he might turn to You.But its a slow process for Guys because WOUNDS that an EX or Girlfriend makes on a GUY will take far more time to cure than A GIRL THINK!...So I suggest you to give all care and affection you could give but YOU MUST MAKE SURE THAT you don't act impatient .Just Love him.

    • He thinks like this or in a similar way(hopefully)....He may be loving you and want to love you the same way you want him to love you...So just wait and Go on like you are going on now...Love him and care for Him....He will ultimately accept you if you don't give up(I don't think so!!) and be patient...and I warn you with one thing "THIS GUY will be too shy to say that he loves you becoz he alrdy had a heartbreak and You will know exactly when you shud tell him your love ...I believe so!!


    • Yeah...Your are right...It will be so bad to get a neg response when yu tell him you love him.So just wait.Yeah,he might be showing hints that he loves you But he just cannot accept the fact!!..I am not very sure but this will be what I think if I were him " Do she(EX) still love me? hmm..maybe ..But how long...I 'CAN' wait but how long....But the other girl(U) are so caring ....I don't know what I am thinking..She is a Good friend but she give all that I want love ,care and (U KNOW WAT!!).."

    • But I have only told him all the good I see in him that he is perfect in my eyes... just subtle hints that I love him you know? but I haven't told him I love him.. I would want to wait til I know he feels the same... I would hate to say it an not get a response back lol

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  • i need an FWB..lol TELL HIM YOUR FEELINGS

    come on lol ..tell him how much he means to you..he seems perfect!

    • haha this question is old.. its actually gotten a lot better and we are actually together.. buying a house, and I am due in May :) He is perfect.. and I knew it from the start

    • he doesn't sound that perfect to me.. hung up on his ex:/

    • :/

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  • sick ass girl

    • Uhh yeah probably sexually tho... I try not get my hopes up.. :) lol

    • Awwww obvoiously the guy yur with wants you :D

      and yeah I want you yu shudd add me

    • Why would you want me? I don't even want myself! ha

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