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Do birth control pills help your emotions while your on your period?

Im currently on my period. and terribly depressed and crying one minute, cussing people out and telling them I hate them the next, I don't know... Show More

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  • if u're on pills then that must be the reason.n am talking from experience.when I used 2 take birth controls I used 2 have mood swings.n get mad very easily at everything.

    so ya.it really plays wth ur hormones.since its controling smth ur body z build up 2 do.

    • Im not currently on them, but I was considering it.. if they would help.. do they make it worse?

    • Oh yeah they do big time...they make ur moods much worse....i really don't recomend it unless you have 2 ...as in 2 prevent getting pregnant

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