How do you know if the guy is really into you?

So I met this guy at Best Buy, we kind of hit it off, he was very nice and flirty and asked for my number. I gave him my number and we texted, his text messages that same night, began to be more like, "hey sexy, sup mamita, etc..." I asked him straight up what it was that he wanted, whether it was a physical relationship like messing around, or something serious, he said he was looking for a girlfriend, and I was OK with that, I asked him to turn it down a little and he agreed because he said he was into me. We kept texting for like 3 straight days, and everything was good, he said he wanted to hang out, but now I haven't heard from him in 2 days, and I know I might be over exagerating because its only been 2 days, but when he asked for my number that day, it made me think if he's just a flirt and will keep asking for numbers to see who will give him some, or if he's just not interested anymore. Please help! :D thank you!


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  • There's a name for guys who say things like "hey sexy, sup mamita, can't wait for you to put it down on me mami, etc." HONEST GUYS!

    Do you know what a player sounds like? "Hey, I'm Greg. Want some gum? I love your shoes. Sex? Who? Me? Of course not! What motivated to talk to you was my strong inclination to the possibility that we might have a wonderful relationship and future together." DISHONEST GUY!

    So you met a guy who has basically told you "I want to fcuk you" and you're wondering what you should do.

    I'll let you in on a little secret. "Until a guy has sex, don't get fooled by his external act; he has absolutely no feelings for you." For all he knows, you can be gone with the wind. The same way you're worried about him having sex with you just to leave you later, is the same way a guy is worried about investing himself in you only to have you walk away. And that's why guys don't do it. Sure, they might seem like they do it. They might convince you that they do it. You might be completely sold and buy into the "I have feelings for you and am totally willing to wait to get to know you" routine; but, nothing really starts happening until after sex.

    This guy is being strait-up with you. "I want to fcuk you. You're someone I could see myself fcuking for a very-long time; perhaps until my sex drive stops working. You might just be feminine and sexy enough for me to not want to fcuk anyone else. And you don't seem like a b*tch, so I might actually enjoy being in a relationship with you." That's really all he's saying.

    From that point on, that's where the "getting to know you" starts to happen.

    So are you really going to let your insecurities and paranoia get the best of you? Do you really want to settle for Mr. My-what-lovely-eyes-you-have? The guy is being real with you. If you don't want that, then go find someone fake.

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      Hahaha, Greg was hilarious.

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      But you see, that's the thing, I DONT WANT SEX! it's not me! and I don't want a relationship based on sex, or that needs sex in order to function! and I'm not insecure or paranoid, I guess it's probably the fact that I'm not used to guys like that, but I guess you might be right on a few points, thank you!