When should you forgive a lie?

I found out my boyfriend lied to me, I'm trying to forgive him but I'm having a hard time because I don't know if I should.

A few months ago my boyfriend found a picture of his ex on a p*rn site and emailed her to let her know about it. when I asked him if she replied or talked about it he said no.

Last week he got a text from her saying "I'm sorry I accused u" and I asked him what she was talking about he said he doesn't know and maybe she has a guilty conscience about the pic and accused him to her friends.

We found out the text was an IM so I helped him see what she was talking about. I went through the history to get her IM name and saw that he actually had a convo with her before and after he emailed the pic. the convo they had wasn't bad, just how he found the pic and how each other has been and of course her accusing him of putting it on the p*rnsite.

I'm not upset that they talked but I'm hurt that he lied about it. He told me he figured I would get mad and blow up if I saw it was more than a "hey a saw this, bye" with an ex he told me he didn't want anything to do with because she cheated on him multiple times. He swears that's the only thing he kept from me.

I wanna believe him as he is open about everything else (lets me go through his phone, phone records, emails, whenever I ask to and has given me passwords to EVERYTHING). But the fact that he lied about something so small makes me worry. What do you think? forgivable?


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  • I wouldn't trust him if he is willing to lie about such a thing. Imagine what lies he would tell if someting were actually going on! I look on this differently from most...I think you agree with me!

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      It is hard, but then I don't want to have this destroy our relationship if this was the one and only bad move. He promised he'll be more straight forward with everything and he honestly thought at the time it was a good move to keep it from me to keep me from freaking out for no reason (though I wouldn't have).

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      I'd watch carefully from now on..no need to up and leave right now, but be less trusting!