Why did he falsely accuse me?

Here was a guy who was interested in me and asked me out, looked all over the school building for me (impromptu) while I was working on projects back in the university. I was also interested in him. All of a sudden, I didn't hear from him, he disappeared and then after a while, came back to me to... Show More

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  • That actually sounds very strange..... It's hard to tell what he's thinking. Is it possible one of your mutual friends told him you're going through his email? That's the only remotely sensible reason I can find... other than that, maybe he got into an accident the night before and went crazy temporarily? I really can't find a reason why he'd say that if he knows it's not true. Nor can I find a reason why he'd think you did that. So yeah this remains a mystery to me..... let's hope someone else can decode what happened here! :)