He says he misses me but how do I know he means it?

He says he misses me but how do I know he means it?He's bin out of town for like a week.


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  • damn this sounds a lot like the situation with my gf..

    • awwww my man is in Utah and I miss so much ill be glad win he get home

    • so damn much.. about to have a video chat with her :D

    • well do you miss here

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  • You can always tell if a guy misses a chick because he will say it before you do. In most cases.

    • :)

    • awwww OK :) I hope he loves me I love him to thank you

    • I think that is a good thing. Love isn't a word you should just throw around a lot. I think he knows that. And to say I love you to somebody is special. He's saying you're special, and when he says it you should cherish that as a special moment.

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  • He means it because he's been out of town for a weak...damn I'm observant w00t!

    • why'd you even reply? lmfao get some social skills loser

    • cool

    • no

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  • well if he said he missed you and it's been a week then I think its safe to say he did

    • ok thank you

    • well then there you go you now have to believe him. it's the only way you are going to convince yourself that he did miss you!

    • i do trust him

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