I had sex with this guy, now he won't talk to me?

OK well it snot nearly that simple. but pretty much we liked each other and his friends don't like me though and we had sex(it kinda just happened) but afterward his friends were calling me really mean names and he joined in and called me ugly. but I forgave him but later his friends figured out we hooked up so then he started denying to everyone that it ever happened. which amazes me how he can spend all night on the phone with me and do that but anyway I yelled at him and stopped talking to him. but he's not even trying to talk to me or make things right, every time people bring me up or say my name around him he changes the subject and stuff. I'm not exactly sure what any of it means. I'm not planning on taking him back at all but I kinda just want to know what's going through his mind.


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  • Sorry to say,but you got played badly. I think the bottom line is...he just used you for sex. One thing ya gotta know is that "things don't just happen". I believe there is aways a moment where you can reconsider what you are about to do. In most cases. Both of you consented,and it happened but that's clearly ALL he wanted from you and his behavior after the fact is immature and disgusting. You slept with a guy that didn't really respect you at all,he just feigned as though he did...just to get in your pants. Sorry to say,but sometimes,SOME guys do that.You just have to try and decipher their motives. So...whats going through his mind?"Yeah I hit." (Slapping hands with friends,laughing because he got over on you.) This situation is unfortunate and I'm sorry it happened. It's sucks big time and the way he and his friends are treating you is flat out gross. But none of them are worth your time or energy so attempt to leave this behind and learn. You said it's along story,so I'm sure there is tons of info you are leaving out and I am sure that somewhere in there,there are probably signs that he was a douche before hand.But I hope you feel better concerning the situation and that you find someone better.Someone who doesn't act like a 12 year old. Good Luck! :) FAITH


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  • sorry this is blunt but a likely possibility...

    he probably just wanted sex, hung with you till he got it, and now doesn't want you around.

  • Kinda just happened, hahahahahahahaha


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  • Damn, You got used girlllllllllll

    Next time before "things just happen" make sure you think about it lmao.

  • Well...he pretty much just used you. I mean, come on.. what kind of guy who genuinely likes a girl will be ashamed to admit he does? Sure, maybe at the beginning he's going to wonder "what will my friends think of her?" but after time if he really cares he's going to be like "Fuck that" and just be with you.