What does it mean when a guy tells his girlfriend......?

"You are the most precious thing I have"

"You are the most important thing in my life"

Don't answer saying he means you are the most imp...lol

My q is what goes on a guy's mind when he says so? What does he feel/mean? Do guys mean that literally or just love make them say nice things?

p.s. He's an honest person.


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  • This is highly dependent on the person.

    One person's "You are the most important thing in my life" might be equivelant to another's "You are my everything". With guys at least, I wouldn't focus too much on the choice of words but the underlined meaning. Guys try to explain things in the most simplest ways which makes it difficult to describe feelings.

    While this might not be the same in your case, other guys might play the game and act sincere. They say all the lines that appear he's in love but then ditch at a moment's notice. Others say things without realizing how they feel. Perhaps it's lust instead of love.

    Since he's an honest person then there is no question that he loves you. We can't tell visually how much without taking an MRI of the brain while he is thinking of you. This also will show if he's likely to stray in the future. This was described in detail in the Science of Sex Appeal. This link will take you to a small clip Sex vs Love which briefly gives you a glimpse into what I'm talking about.

    There might not be that many good things in someone's life. He could have a lot of good things but you are the only thing that puts a smile on his face or lifts his mood. As far as the important thing goes, we all place priorities in life. They change daily.

    I.e. I have to get up to goto work (work is #1), I'm going home to see my girl (S.O. is #1), I need to focus on my term paper (College is #1), the baby is crying (child is #1). These fluctuate over the course of the day and in the long term. Realizing that you will never be up in the top 3 of his life might be a deal breaker.

    I.e. He ranks his car #1, his dog #2, his parents #3, his children #4, work #5, his wife #6. You can see how he might treat her worse than any other things in his life. Just something to consider for those who don't feel they are very high on the others' priority list.

    In conclusion, he's definitely thinking you are a wonderful person and he appreciates you in his life. He is filled with happiness and hopefully love. I'm pretty sure he means that literally all things considered.

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      :))) Now, you made me smile! and I like the MRI thing :D