What does it mean when a guy tells his girlfriend......?

"You are the most precious thing I have"

"You are the most important thing in my life"

Don't answer saying he means you are the most imp...lol

My q is what goes on a guy's mind when he says so? What does he feel/mean? Do guys mean that literally or just love make them say nice things?

p.s. He's an honest person.


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  • This is highly dependent on the person.

    One person's "You are the most important thing in my life" might be equivelant to another's "You are my everything". With guys at least, I wouldn't focus too much on the choice of words but the underlined meaning. Guys try to explain things in the most simplest ways which makes it difficult to describe feelings.

    While this might not be the same in your case, other guys might play the game and act sincere. They say all the lines that appear he's in love but then ditch at a moment's notice. Others say things without realizing how they feel. Perhaps it's lust instead of love.

    Since he's an honest person then there is no question that he loves you. We can't tell visually how much without taking an MRI of the brain while he is thinking of you. This also will show if he's likely to stray in the future. This was described in detail in the Science of Sex Appeal. This link will take you to a small clip Sex vs Love which briefly gives you a glimpse into what I'm talking about.

    There might not be that many good things in someone's life. He could have a lot of good things but you are the only thing that puts a smile on his face or lifts his mood. As far as the important thing goes, we all place priorities in life. They change daily.

    I.e. I have to get up to goto work (work is #1), I'm going home to see my girl (S.O. is #1), I need to focus on my term paper (College is #1), the baby is crying (child is #1). These fluctuate over the course of the day and in the long term. Realizing that you will never be up in the top 3 of his life might be a deal breaker.

    I.e. He ranks his car #1, his dog #2, his parents #3, his children #4, work #5, his wife #6. You can see how he might treat her worse than any other things in his life. Just something to consider for those who don't feel they are very high on the others' priority list.

    In conclusion, he's definitely thinking you are a wonderful person and he appreciates you in his life. He is filled with happiness and hopefully love. I'm pretty sure he means that literally all things considered.

    • :))) Now, you made me smile! and I like the MRI thing :D

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  • That's about the nicest thing he could say, especially if you know he's honest. I would try to guess that he is just trying to make yur feel nice. Probably he's giving you his true feelings!

    Do you have reason to be suspicious of him?

    • Nope. not suspicious. But wonder is it literally true or just the love is making him say so. I mean literally I'm the "most" important thing? From a guy's perspective, what do you think? :)

    • He means your relationship is more important than anything else in his life...Quite straightforward, I would think

    • ouuff! short but true! he says that exactly :) Thanks marty! :)

  • Hi, Knowme!

    Interesting question -- not sure if I should answer by analyzing why YOU are asking this, or what HE was trying to say...so confused! (laughing)

    All jesting aside, let's see. I think the term "blandishments" comes to mind. (Slipping on lawyer hat) -- to find the meaning of a phrase or writing, you need to look at both the writing and the actions surrounding it. Mere words without action are just that -- polite niceties designed to make you feel good and think happy thoughts -- but have no real weight. For example: If said - "You are the most important person in my life.", and then did not speak to you for three days...what weight would you give my comment? If I told you that you were the most important thing (?) in my life, and then went and watched football instead of spending the day with you as you asked -- one might make the argument that, perhaps, you are NOT the most important thing in my life. You get the point.

    A mere phrase, platitude, or compliment, without the context of action, is hollow and should be taken as a courtesy, and reciprocated, but not, per se, viewed as compelling.

    The converse of this is also true -- remember that your ACTIONS need to back up your WORDS. It's fine to flirt, and it's fine to make small talk of little consequence. However, if you want something to have meaning beyond the immediate, make sure the actions/words are in synch.

    (And remember, when they aren't -- people make mistakes too, so be ready to whack'um on the back of the head, then forgive and try again...compassion, if you remember :) ).


    • good point, Sean :) Thanks! :)

  • Sometimes it depends on what's happening at the time.. in other words a man is more likely to say those things right after sex.

    This question is very contextual based.

  • Sounds like he's being sweet and boyfriendy and is very much so infatuated with you

  • he seems like me kind of. he seems sinciere in his motives if you say he is an honest guy. or he knows the right words to say and could mean what he is saying for the time being. I think if you are willing to accept what he is sayng as true, then do so because it will help progress what you two have. I have said the same sentimental things to previous girlfriends I have had that I cared about. I felt what I said 100%

    love can make a guy do some funny things sometimes, he will say things that come from his heart, he will do things for you you might not expect him to, he will be yours. don't take advantage of this though because guys can be hurtful if you mess with them. give love back and have a great time with him.

    hope this helps

    • That's nice :) Thanks drummer! :))

    • anytime =)

  • When you say it, you mean the closest thing to. Maybe you aren't the most important thing in his life, but your in the goddamn top 3, you know what I mean?

    • Nope, don't :S

      So, what does it mean "Your the most precious"? Please elaborate

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    • good point Karking :)

    • Haha, well thanks ^_^

  • love can make people say things that aren't exactly true but in the end feelings are feelings...u say he's honest so while it might not be 100% true, I'm sure there's a lotta truth to what he's sayin...hope I helped

    • simple, short and so honest of you :) Thanks!

  • To be honest with you, I do this every once in a while. More or less, it's just so that she can be reminded how special she is to me. But you should also know, that just about every man will have a different motive.

    • I love what you said :)

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  • Love makes people say nice things yes - but that doesn't mean he doesn't mean them either.

    I'm not really much of a romantic - well I am - but not with these kind of things.

    I'm kind of of the opinion that when someone says something like that - they mean it when they say it, doesn't mean that it holds true a week later, or even an hour later; but by the same token it doesn't make what he's saying any less true - at least when he said it.

    I guess by saying you're the most precious thing he has, he means something which he values a lot, something which would be costly to lose. Personally I think they're just nice endearments, things people say when they're in love - they're not necessarily 100% true, but he's not deliberately lying to you if that makes sense.

    • It makes sense heather :))

  • Well as you have said he`s an honest person then he can`t be lying to you can he

    Whats on his mind? Only he can truly answer that but I would say his love for you and your relationship and maybe he wants to take things more seriously...He`s thinking about your importance to him, how special you are to him in his life

    He feels a special bond with you perhaps

    Look let me tell you something I have heard may times and one of my male friends has also told me, when a guy says something he means it, guys don`t play around when they`re being serious, if they say something they mean it whereas us women say one thing and we mean another and its true and like you said he`s an honest person so I`ll take your word for it

    If it`s love making him say it so? doesn`t that show he loves you eh :) That's a great thing if Love is making him say it, what else do you want? Justbe happy Hun seriously :)) xxx

    • :)))) I Love you! <3

      You just figured out what I didn't say. Because we girls sometimes say nice things to impress, I thought guys do that too. But yeah, he loves me and it's serious. But I thought are the words "literally" true? important, most precious? or just love makes one master the words right.

      :))) <3

    • Hahaha <3 you 2 sweetheart :)))

      Us girls and this is true we say 1 thing and do another and we`ve all done this, guys don`t even like talking much, their more visual and physical so when they say something and its heartfelt it`s best to believe it, just be happy at the end of the day, that's all you need.

    • mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah :)

  • I think that if he really is honest, than he really means it and is putting his heart into it when he tells you that. I have had someone tell me that before and he did mean it, though things didn't work cause of him. But that is something that is big to say to someone, it's more than just "I like you". I would really take it seriously and try to come up with a good reply to that so that he will know how you feel if you feel the same way.

    • but what does it mean "your the most precious"?

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    • btw, I love your answers girl! It's gr8 having you on GAG :))

    • Aww well thanks :) I try to be sincere and as helpful as I can!

  • If you are saying he is an honest person, then he honestly means what he says. A guy's actions also show how he feels towards you. Go to this link:


  • If he's an honest person then he must be serious about you. If you guys were just talking then he's for real but if you guys were like having sex then he loves the sex you give him and was saying it in the heat of the moment. This is just what I think.

    • It's serious and in so much love. No, no sex. I know he's honest. What I'm trying to say here do they really mean these words "literally"? imp. and most preciou, etc... or just love can make you master the words? :)

  • That question can't really be directly answered because we all are unique and all of our mindsets are different. But I am pretty sure if you say he is as honest as you know him which you know him better than me and who am I to judge. I am sure things are going through his like head like I really can see myself falling in love with her or things like she is just that perfect. My best advice would be to ask the source itself which is him. All of these people including me can just go on a list of things he can be thinking. Its better to just stop the wondering and find out straightly what it REALLY IS and ask him.

  • Since he is a honest person then believe What he says.

    well it is very hard to find honest guys.

    • I'm not sayng I don't believe him. I'm asking what does that mean? is it "literally" true? or just love make you master the words right?