Should I trust her?

so I have been dating this girl for about 2 months she is beautiful and amazing in every way possible. I mean people look at her and wonder what she is doing with me but she is so sweet and says she really loves me for me and because I am so good to her but I am just average so I don't want to just let her go. here lately this guy has been trying to text her and every time I see it she says she never texts back so I blow it off but it seems like she gets the text every time we are together so what about when we are not together I mean he has to be way better looking than me I mean I have huge muscles and work out a lot I'm just not a six pack kind of guy so I mean should I worry she will end up falling for him even though I personally know him and know he only wants one thing I mean he is a jerk and I seen where she put "i don't think you should text me anymore" and he said you don't know what your missing I mean should I ask him how much they talk or just beat his face in.


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  • hey yeah this IS your girlfriend sweetie I love you and I hope you really do trust me :) I love you


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  • He's telling her she doesn't know what she's missing? Wtf? Dude, TELL(NOT "ask") this guy to back the f*** off. She's yours, and that's that. So, unless he wants a double dose of some knuckles to his dome. He better knock his bullsh*t off. And if you're concerned if she talks to him when she isn't with you. Why don't you just ask her this?

    • i did but I mean its so easy to lie about it I mean I trust her but still it makes me mad every time I think about it and she crys and I agree that I believe she don't but I hacked her facebook and it went from I was like me and him hung this weekend do you know him she said I don't know and I was like well he said you told him to text you and she was like well OK maybe once but it was 4 months ago then today it was twice but she said she never texted back then he was textin her while I was at her house

    • Well, does she seem like a shady broad? Put your feelings aside, and answer this as if you were just answering it as a basis of someone you know.

  • you can trust her. Chemistry of pretty girl going with average looking girl always works.