Guys looking for a soul mate?

I have been with three guys, all of them broke my heart and when it came to explaining why they decided its time to end things they give me the same speech. They tell me they know I will find someone and that I'm a great girl. OK, I don’t mind that… its something normal to say to not hurt the person during a breakup. After a couple of months or years, we contact again and they all say the same thing: “I don’t want anything serious, I’m looking for the one…” they talk about finding a soul mate and they tell me that one day I will see a guy and in the moment I will see him I will know He is the One…

Personally I think they live in a fairy tale, I'm more down to earth. I don’t think I can see some random guy and “know” he is the future father of my kids. I'm not sure about the soul mate thing, I think it’s a myth. I think that you find your "soul mate" when you realize that the person next to you is making an effort in the relationship… I think that guys need to appreciate what they have and stop dreaming…

What do you think? Do you believe that one day you will see someone and instantly “know” they are the One?

Do you think most of the guys ask for too much and it’s never enough for them?

I been a really nice girl to all the guys I dated, but they are never satisfied…


Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't really believe in 'soul mates', espeacially there part where there is only one. But I have met a few guys that as soon as I meet them we instantly click and I get really good vibes from them, however I wouldn't say that makes them my 'soul mate'.

    As for these guys you were dating, I don't know how long you were with them... but I think in all relationships there comes a point where you've been together a couple years and its time that you either takes things to the next level and get engaged or you go your separate ways. So probably these guys just weren't ready to commit to anyone and they just told you this 'soul mate' stuff as an excuse to end it.