Do you think guys, men, have more responsibilities in life than girls, women do? who has more responsibilities

Who has more responsibilities in life? guys or girls?

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who else cares to vote? I'd say guys have the more difficult part in life

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  • We all have equal responsibilities in life however I think society sometimes places that responsibility on the guy if that is what you are getting at.

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  • Hard to say. I believe that it depends more on the individual. Men and women have different issues and struggles independently of each other, just for being the gender that they are. But I don't think it's as black and white as one or the other. The individuality factor puts that all over the map.

    That's just how I think about it personally.

  • its equal

  • Surely it depends on what kind of life the individual has?

What Guys Said 7

  • Of the traditional gender roles, the masculine role is more responsibility because it's at the bottom of the stack. If the man fails to protect and provide for his family, then the feminine role becomes rather meaningless.

    Of course, outside the traditional gender roles things can be divided any way one sees fit. In an ideal world the division would be equal, but in most relationships that is not the case.

  • If your a REAL man youl have more responsibilities

    • Men should provide for their families, help equally in the raising of their children, help out in housework the list goes on and on

    • why so? does God say so?

  • It's equal, mon

  • Nobody thinks they should have any personal responsibility in life anymore. That is why all the English speaking countries are going to hell.

    • JohnGPL-- Being ahead of the curve (just barely) is nothing to be proud of when our standard of living is going down and we're near bankruptcy.

    • Considering most of the non-english speaking world already IS hell by comparison, I'd say we're still ahead of the curve. ;)

    • LOL To clarify I mean hell on Earth.

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  • I think that both sexes often have different responsibilities

  • Where is the "I'm clueless but want to see the answers"-option?

  • Depends on the situation:

    - Relationships? Equal

    - Doing repairs around the house? Typically guys

    - Taking care of household chores (laundry, etc)? Typically the ladies

    - Going to work to support the household? Equal

    - etc

    ~ ArtistBBoy