If a guy is short and the girl likes tall guys, can the short guy somehow counterbalance his "deficiency"?

If a guy is short and the girl likes tall guys, can the short guy somehow counterbalance his "deficiency"? If, so with what?


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  • I'm taller, and I usually like guys who are taller than me, however there have been a few guys that are a lot (like 5 or 6 inches ) shorter than me that have also caught my eye.. The key is to not be concious about your height, and just to take it as it is.. If you have a great personality, more girls will over look the minor physical flaws (as you would say) I your personality is great.. On the down side of things, if you're always whining , and complaining about being short.. Good luck finding a girl then. Because a girl wants a guy who has a decent level of self respect, and self esteem, and if you're constantly pointing out what you think are your flaws, well then that's showing the girl that you lack both self respect and self esteem.. Heights clearly something that you cannot change, so most people shouldn't be stupid about the fact that you're a little bit shorter than the rest.. And if they give you a hard time about it, then clearly they aren't the right one for you any ways (:

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  • I dated a very short guy for 3 years. We started out as friends and never progressed any further for months because I'm not a fan of shorter guys. I know it's silly but just my preference. We got really close and since I fell in love iwth his personality, I overlooked his height. He was also very cute, clean cut guy that was in great shape and nicely dressed. if he hadn't had those characteristics, I doubt I would start dating him. He made me laugh and smile like no one else so that won me over.

    • What ended it?

    • He took me for granted and treated me badly after awhile. I suspect he was also cheating on me and kept on going in and out of my life until I said goodbye forever. He has a fun and sweet personality, until he gets sick of you.

  • the only reason I like tall guys is because I'm tall myself (5'10")... but I often find shorter guys to be more attractive physically... so basically the short girls who want a tall guy need to expand their horizons because they can date pretty much any guy... unlike me who makes short guys feel uncomfortable and demasculated :/

    • lol. yeah sounds about right :S but like the girls are saying, its all about how a guy carries himself.

  • I usually like tall-/er/ guys but that's cause I'm pretty short myself (someone has to be able to reach the top shelf!) However I have found myself attracted to shorter men - they usually don't have the small-man-complex (overcompensation - very unattractive) and they usually maintain their masculinity in some sense (and yes, I am dipping into the whole gender stereotype but bear with me) whether by gripping strongly when they touch me or claim their space as much as any other man.

    Basically I like guys who make me feel feminine, if you can still achieve that despite your height then yes, I'd get the hots for you.

  • I like tall guys. So much so that all of my ex boyfriends where ad least 30 centimeters taller than me. x)

    But keep in mind that those where just coincidences. I didn't seduce anyone on purpose, I didn't aim at getting tall boyfriends, it just happened because our personalities and interests matched. -and the crowd I hang out with only has very very tall men who know other very tall men..haha metalheads ^_^

    If the same thing happened with a shorter guy I'd do the same thing.

    So don't worry...

  • some girls are gonna be douche bags and not even bother to give you a second glance because you are short. if she is one of these, then no.

    most girls I know, though they may prefer a taller guy, won't rule out a shorter guy completely if they get along well enough with him and he treats her with respect.

    however, no woman wants a whiner, whatever her preference is for stature. the worse thing any guy can do in any situation is have a "pity me" attitude or a constant sob story.

    never look at yourself as a deficiency. if you can't even respect yourself or have faith in yourself, it will be hard for another person to follow.

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  • If you asked the girl out and she told you she wasn't interested because you are too short, forget it. You cannot counterbalance this sort of thing easily.

    On the other hand, if you know a girl likes tall guys but you haven't tested things out yet, then quit worrying and go for it.

    What matters most is attraction, and women are less affected by physical attributes than men. And attraction CANNOT BE CONTROLLED. So if you act very confident with her, if you are fun and humorous, that'll do better than growing 10 inches taller for you.

  • Sheetrocker's stilts and a duster.

  • I think you messed up your pronouns there =P. Anyway I just love tall girls, more so than short girls, but I'm also tall so it's a different perspective. I'm sure in a short guy / tall girl relationship there are many personality traits such as humor, sensitivity, kindness, and intimacy that can counterbalance the whole height thing.

  • yea its called "dumping your ass and finding a better girl"

    its not a "deficiency"