Clever or witty things to say to "What's up?"

What are some clever or witty things to say to a girl when she says "what's up"?


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  • I don't know, let me feel around. Nothing yet, but you just got here.

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  • "my d***"

  • your time.



  • gahh.. be careful. when people say cheesy things to what's up I'm unimpressed lol. like.. "the sky".. it just pisses me off. aha.

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  • The northern part of Michigan

    Cost of living

    My interest

    The middle of an interruption

    The opposite of down

  • "not me" or "Gas prices"

  • "A movie made by Pixar"

    lol :P

    • lol, well for dumber girls it can go something like this

      "whats up?"

      "my penis"


    • lol that's a good one... I don't know if the girl would be impressed though.

    • Up is a movie... they ask what's up.. you tell them what Up is...

      I'm sorry I had to dumb it down for you, but do you get I now ? lol

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