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Why do guys think girls HAVE to have flat stomachs?

i mean for most girls having a little stomach is healthy and don't guys want health girls? not boney girls who puke in th toilet after every meal

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  • so how many guys did you talk to? 2?

    • meaning what? what side you on?

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    • science isn't very good at determing people's health. for example there are people that look slim but have bad cholesterol. but there are fat looking people but have good cholesterol. don't worry about it. find a guy that loves you for who you are and don be fake.

    • oh I've already found him. and we are both extremely happy with eachother

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  • A flat, toned stomach does not mean a girl is unhealthy. It means she's active and keeps fit. A girl who lives an active lifestyle, active enough to be able to keep her fit when combined with good nutrition, will always be seen as more attractive for a number of reasons:

    1. It shoes she has a rough-and-tumble adventurous side, meaning she's not afraid of getting dirty or breaking a nail in the name of having fun. A girl that's TOO girly, to the point where she won't engage in certain activities purely out of worry of messing up her hair or something else like that, is seldom seen as attractive and often seems high maintenance.

    2. Fit = healthy and healthy adds to happiness. A person who is healthier will almost always enjoy life more and be more fun to be around.

    3. A narrower waist in relation to the rest of the body IS a more feminine trait as it helps bring out the chest and hips more (accenting the overall womanly figure).

    Flat does not equal bony and flat does not equal unhealthy. Your post speaks volumes of your insecurity. A person who takes care of themselves without going overboard and making it an obsession will ALWAYS be more attractive because of the picture of health, energy, and happiness they create.

  • Flat stomach? If my wife ever had a flat stomach it was way before we met.

    It's not a requirement. Actually a skinny mini can be a turn off.

  • I want to see a girl whose jacked! I saw a couple at the gym looked like they could kick my ass so hard with one hit.!

  • why does it either have to be anorexic or having a stomach? why not someone who eats well and enjoys going to the gym frequently...

  • "Why do guys think girls HAVE to have flat stomachs?" The ones YOU want to date do not.

  • because flat stomach its attractive irrespective of the gender

  • so you're saying that girls with flat stomachs puke after every meal? my god you're ridiculous.

    A girl with a flat stomach is attractive. Having a stomach bulge is not.

    • they are both equally as hot

    • nope.

  • I don't understand why some girls think you have to be fat to be healthy. The girls who are healthy and have flat stomachs, get those flat stomachs by working out for few hours a week. it's pretty easy to tell the difference between a girl who is fit and a girl who has an eating disorder.

    • and you can still be healthy to by eating right with a little bit of a stomach. which looks WAY better flat stomached girls look way to manly

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    • 5'3'' and 124 sounds good. Do you have big jugs?

    • 34B sometimes C depending on the bra

  • think about it this way, girls like guys with big pecs and abs more then a guy with a beer gut right? well guys like girls with flat stomachs not neccesarilly so boney and skinny but you no relatively skinny girls don't really like fat guys unless they are fat themselves, I'm not being mean about that but stating the truth, me myself I have abs and pretty good pecs and I think that a girl that takes care of there bodyy like me is the best kind of girl for me you no? I don't want a super skinny girl and I'm sure most guys dont, but relatively skinny. There is always a happy medium :) hope that helps :)

  • You don't have to be ripped but overall just don't be fat.

  • I wish we ALL had flat stomachs!

    Nothing makes guys/gals sexier, healthier or promotes what little physical assets they have than this ... something we all can influence but few do. I better get to my crunches, that said.

  • Some guys are boob guys, or ass guys, or leg guys...me, I'm a tummy guy and I just love a girl with a nice flat tummy.

  • A girl with a healthy, flat stomach is great. A girl with a bit of pudge on her stomach is great. A girl who's on the chubby side is okay, too. A girl who's as large at the waist as she is at her butt is not.

  • i know plenty of health girls who have flat stomaches I get your frustration but don't take it out on girls who do have them it just makes you sound jelouse

  • Because you're listening to TV? Guys, well most, don't care and actually DO like a girl with a little meat on them. There was a study done by psychologists and they found women think men want a skinnier body type than what men really want and then found women want to be even skinnier than that body type. Also the study found women think they were bigger than their actual body type. Fun stuff.

    • Could you find this study for me? I'd like to read about it.

    • I second avks, sounds interesting and extremely true lol

    • link Psychology text book ftw.

  • Just puke after big unhealthy meals. Is that too much to ask?

    • yes it is. cause its not happening I'm not even fat.

    • You have a " Sittuation" in your head

  • If you girls expect us to have flat stomachs and even abs at times then us expecting you girls to have flat stomachs shouldn't be too much to ask!

  • i perfer full figured girls rather than really skinny ones

  • Because Howard Stern says so!

What Girls Said 10

  • They don't have to, I think it's just preferred. There are many girls with flat stomachs that don't resort to puking in the toilet to get them. Really though, a little tummy isn't bad, doesn't at all mean you're unhealthy.

  • I've always had a flat stomach and I'm pretty skinny and I EAT. Soo boo hoo, Quit whining. You don't have to be anorexic to have a flat stomach.

  • Same reason we like a sixpack on guys.

    P.S. I don't puke in the toilet thank you very much. I work out and eat healthy.

  • I don't think guys like boney girls, especially if they puke after every meal. For girls and guys, its ideal for the opposite sex to be fit (usually) and a flat stomach just comes along with that I guess. Everyone has different opinions and preferences, though, and I know guys who prefer girls with curves so don't be worried about anything. And you're right, a little stomach is completely healthy and no one can argue with that.

    • yeah stomach is ok

  • omg. okay. this is late. there was a time in my relationship with my fiancee that I had a flat stomach. he was in love with my body. to the max. then I started getting sick and well kinda packed on some (40 lbs) pounds. I gaind a fanny pack of a pudge and love handles. he never told me that he disliked my body, but he stopped touching me, kissing me, giving me compliments, and started watching p*rn of (he would type in the search box) skinny busty girls. WOW. After discovering that, even though I was okay with me being the way I was (I got tired of trying to be small and subdue to society) I realized that I needed to change something. my insecurities and what he was doing was all because I stopped caring about my body. it's been 3 months, but I've lost 22 lbs of the 35 extra I gained and I feel better. totally. I told that story for this reason: maybe if you decided you've had enough of feeling like how you feel, you'll do something to fix it. I'm pretty sure if I looked like a p*rn star I wouldn't mind my fiancee watching it...but I do. see?

  • Having or not having a flat stomach doesn't have much to do with how healthy someone is. You sound a bit jealous. Also, guys don't all require a flat stomach.

  • Sounds to me like you're jealous and insecure and think you have to refer to girls who are healthy and in shape as bulimic.Perhaps you should work on yourself before you put other girls down.

    • I think what she is saying. Model types over half of them have some sort of eating disorder. They have flat stomachs. Then again there are some models who have flat stomachs by exercise. Then you have others who have great genes.
      I don't get the question... lol if you exercise and eat in a healthy maintained manner it really doesn't matter. Normally people who ask this have never been smaller than 175 lbs from teens to being an adult.

  • This question is insane and it bugs the sh*t out of me. Why? Because if you're fat everyone dances around the issue and says you're 'curvy' and if you're short the term is petite or height challenged. BUT if you're naturally slim people are forever asking you if you have an eating disorder or are shoving more food in your face and if you're tall jokes are constantly circulating about the jolly green giant or 'how's the air up there'? Personally, I have a flat stomach and am 5'8" with a natural body weight of between 118-123 I also bike 10-15 miles a day and am a field researcher who works part time designing and installing treatment wetlands where I lug about 50-80 lbs bags of substrate. I also live with 5 guys and eat just about as much as them. Am I weak or unhealthy? No. Do I have people comment on how small I am? Yes. Are the eating disorder jokes funny? No.

    I actually knew a girl who was 6'1" and rather slim that developed an eating disorder and was hospitalized because people were always bugging her about putting weight on her bones or asking if she was anorexic. When in fact she had to consume a minimum of 5000 calories a day or she would pass out because she had an extremely fast metabolism. Then when people saw her eating that much they would comment 'geeze girl can you try any harder to put on some weight?' Talk about a phycological doosie -- imagine having to force feed yourself food you don't want to eat and then being ridiculed for it. If she was fat it would have been taboo to bug her but because she tall and thin -- both social positives she was teased mercilessly.

    Keep your stomach, I don't really care, but don't try to make pudgy all high and mighty -- because naturally thin people have the right to love and accept their body for what it is too.

  • This is late, but I understand. Some people have flat stomachs naturally while others don't. Some girls have always had a flat stomach. A lot of those girls have fast metabolisms. Not every girl does. Those of you who say that she's just jealous don't understand. While I do think she is a little insecure, it's natural for her to be insecure. Actually you guys who think being skinny is only people who are healthy and exercise and eat properly I'll have you know even if you exercise you can still end up on the chubby side. That is because, and this is a medical fact, as girls enter puberty the store more fat to create curves. For some girls it isn't their fault that they don't have a flat stomach.

  • I have a flat stomach and I don't puke after every meal... I actually look and feel pretty healthy, most of the time. Don't generalize just because you don't have God-given genetics of a flat stomach or have the willpower to get your ass to the gym. Fat is fat.

    • I'm surprised I never noticed this question before. Anyway you are right. Her post speaks volumes of her insecurity. Check my answer. =)

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