Do white guys find black girls attractive?

I'm a black girl and I like white guys and I would only date white guys.But I feel like some white guys don't like black girls.I just wanna know if there are white guys who like black girls.


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  • Yes of course, it really depends on where you live on how common it is, I have stated this quite a couple of times on here but where I live its not uncommon to see an interracial couple between a white man and black women. Actually almost every time I see a black women with someone the guy is white with a kid so it deffinitly does happen. I personally love black girls


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  • They're not exactly my TYPE, but I've seen MANY that were QUITE BEAUTIFUL, & if the right one came along I'd ABSOLUTELY be open to the possibility...

  • ive only ever met a few black girls in my life but all of them were smoking hot! that includes not only their looks, I really was impressed with their personalities as well.

  • I know a black woman that married a white man she met online... They have been married for a good ten years or so. Just yourself around the person you like and maybe he will find interest in you.

  • Depends on how you behave and such. It's the same for any girl really. And of course how attractive they look to me.

  • There are lots of white guys who like black girls (incl. me); there are some who don't. But you only need one, right?

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  • wow this gets asked a lot. lol

    the simple answer is that a majority of american white guys, specifically in that age category and maybe mine as well, either don't like black girls or don't admit to liking us. having said that, there are many who do and openly express that or have asked black girls out, dated them, etc. whether or not those end up being the guys you want is another story. some of my friends have done it. I haven't but that's another story. lol

    the reasons behind this are varied. it has to do with racism in beauty standards dating back through centuries in stating european dominance. it has to do with general cultural differences in what beauty is. it has to do with familiarity and differences, and whether someone finds it exotic and interesting or a total turn off to stray away from (or stick with, in some cases) what they were raised around or used to. it has to do with the fact that we look so different in some ways like our hair for example. it has to do with ignorance and stereotypes as well. it has to do with historical degradation of the black woman. blah blabby blah really talking about this makes for good discussion but if you just want the short and sweet of it all, there's really no point as far as what you're concerned about.

    youre young though. don't dwell on this because I'm telling you from what I've seen not go around searching for this. some of the stuff I've read can be really brutal. if you're really looking for opinions...theres some question here like "what race are you least attracted to?" asked by eddymetal I think. it shows exactly how a lot of white guys feel about black girls. a lot of white guys don't feel that way, but I think its really important that you are aware of these perceptions as a black girl. that is, if you can handle it. if you feel your self esteem crumbling right now then don't look that question up. either way, take what you read and move on. our realities that we experience online can be drastically different from real life depending on where you're from.

  • From where I live no because their aren't many but I do have to say If I was a guy I'd be going after black women! I'm no lesbo but most have amazing bodies and a great sense of humor.

  • Oh yeah, just ask my boyfriend and my ex boyfriends. It's funny 80% of the men who approach me are white and that's how it has always been.

  • Well if they're not racist then yes, of course it'll depend on each guy's preferences but I'm sure they'll. Now I'm white & have white friends (guys/girls) who'll never date a black person & I also have black friends (guys/girls) who will never date a white person lol so it really goes both ways. My personally think that black girls have wonderful bodies (Beyonce, Halle Berry, Gabrielle Union, Zoe Santana, Naomi Campbell, Kerry Washington & the list goes on & on lol)

  • Depends a lot on the culture- racist cultures u'll have guys saying things like ' some, but not many' more enlightened cultures will say its very common. For most realistic results- I advise not listening to people from the united states on this one. they tend to be less open minded & far more bigoted.(NOT ALL / SOME./ Thos of you who are logical & humane great . Racist attitudes still exist however. :)

    Or alternatively- don't ask if 'guys' like this or that as tho they are a herd of cattle- Ask each particular guys view :)

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