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Do white guys find black girls attractive?

I'm a black girl and I like white guys and I would only date white guys.But I feel like some white guys don't like black girls.I just wanna know if... Show More

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  • Yes of course, it really depends on where you live on how common it is, I have stated this quite a couple of times on here but where I live its not uncommon to see an interracial couple between a white man and black women. Actually almost every time I see a black women with someone the guy is white with a kid so it deffinitly does happen. I personally love black girls


    • wow this was so long ago!

What Guys Said 25

  • ive only ever met a few black girls in my life but all of them were smoking hot! that includes not only their looks, I really was impressed with their personalities as well.

  • There are lots of white guys who like black girls (incl. me); there are some who don't. But you only need one, right?

  • I find them attractive.

  • They're not exactly my TYPE, but I've seen MANY that were QUITE BEAUTIFUL, & if the right one came along I'd ABSOLUTELY be open to the possibility...

  • Depends on how you behave and such. It's the same for any girl really. And of course how attractive they look to me.

  • I've definitely found a lot of black girls attractive. I don't approach though because I fear that black guy will kick my @$$ just for talking to a black girl because I'm practically albino white

    • Don't mind those guys. If that's what you like then go for it. Don't let them stop you. :)

    • haha OK I'll see what happens


  • White and dark this the not question. I simply attract to girl whose figure is feet to me. and her smile is the best.-----sunilkumar7128@yahoo.co.in

  • yes yes we do love a down to earth caring black girl and don't let non of these haters tell you any different...only the most mindless twits that you wouldn't want to date anyway would not want a good black girl...a beautiful girl is a beautiful...

  • Yes, absolutely. I think there is something very sexy about dating someone who looks different from yourself. If the personalities click it's like heaven.

    Unfortunately where I live there are few black girls. I've often dated Latinas and a couple girls from India. I've only dated a couple white girls, and physically it was kind of bland.

    The hottest fling I've had, though, was with this black girl who came to my town during the summer of 2008 during the Obama campaign. She was really pretty and very assertive, which I like. We hooked up for a couple months and she was so passionate and it was just such an exciting time. The best sex of my life, for sure. Especially election night after the party, lol.

  • You feel very right. It's obvious that a lot of white men do not find black girls attractive.

    I find them extremely attractive, however.

  • Yes, some of us do. This one does.

  • I know a black woman that married a white man she met online... They have been married for a good ten years or so. Just yourself around the person you like and maybe he will find interest in you.

  • just like ever other girl

    some are attractive some aren't

  • Not only do some white guys like black girls, some like me are exclusively attracted to black girls. They are way more attractive and very independant which is immensely sexy. A black girl is always strong and more passionate. <3 Never lose faith I turned black and will never go back. Or at least my current black girlfriend won't let me for now ;) PS there is way more of a stigma on both sides for a black girl/ white guy whereas the black guy/white girl is almost completely accepted (excluding rednecks, don't experience much of them in Canada) so that might be why its a little harder to find a white guy, but frankly you'll have to seek them out because like somebody mentioned before its intimidating talking to a black girl when the thought of a beating is ever present especially at a club or bar.

  • i dont, I'm white, and I don't find black girls attractive, sorry

  • There are white guys that like black girls. I have a type and race isn't included. I like women of darker skin color and black hair, which can be just about any race. The kind of black girls I prefer are the ones whose skin isn't too dark. A lighter black shade looks nice. And with any girl, she needs to be nice. I dated a girl that was 1/4 black.

  • hell ya

  • Well I'm only half white but I like them. The only problem is they are always taken!

  • some not many

  • link

    You sure are original...

    • Seriously, the search engine's there for a reason. . .

  • Some do, but a lot don't.

  • I find black girls attractive

  • You're right. Some of them don't like black girls for dating, but there are others that do. For any girl, there will be some guys that find you attractive and others that do not. No one looks good to everyone. You'll just have to take it guy by guy.

  • lol nope

What Girls Said 17

  • From where I live no because their aren't many but I do have to say If I was a guy I'd be going after black women! I'm no lesbo but most have amazing bodies and a great sense of humor.

  • Maybe you should look it up, cause a lot of people have asked that before./.. just saying :)

    - for any human, it is just PREFERNCE. ,white, yellow,black orange, green.

    people have different tastes. you cannot foce it, if a certain guy (any race) doesn't like you, I bet there is another right next to him who does.

    • great answer :) though some people simply don't like others because they're just straight out racist pigs lol

  • Oh yeah, just ask my boyfriend and my ex boyfriends. It's funny 80% of the men who approach me are white and that's how it has always been.

  • wow this gets asked a lot. lol

    the simple answer is that a majority of american white guys, specifically in that age category and maybe mine as well, either don't like black girls or don't admit to liking us. having said that, there are many who do and openly express that or have asked black girls out, dated them, etc. whether or not those end up being the guys you want is another story. some of my friends have done it. I haven't but that's another story. lol

    the reasons behind this are varied. it has to do with racism in beauty standards dating back through centuries in stating european dominance. it has to do with general cultural differences in what beauty is. it has to do with familiarity and differences, and whether someone finds it exotic and interesting or a total turn off to stray away from (or stick with, in some cases) what they were raised around or used to. it has to do with the fact that we look so different in some ways like our hair for example. it has to do with ignorance and stereotypes as well. it has to do with historical degradation of the black woman. blah blabby blah really talking about this makes for good discussion but if you just want the short and sweet of it all, there's really no point as far as what you're concerned about.

    youre young though. don't dwell on this because I'm telling you from what I've seen online...do not go around searching for this. some of the stuff I've read can be really brutal. if you're really looking for opinions...theres some question here like "what race are you least attracted to?" asked by eddymetal I think. it shows exactly how a lot of white guys feel about black girls. a lot of white guys don't feel that way, but I think its really important that you are aware of these perceptions as a black girl. that is, if you can handle it. if you feel your self esteem crumbling right now then don't look that question up. either way, take what you read and move on. our realities that we experience online can be drastically different from real life depending on where you're from.

  • Well if they're not racist then yes, of course it'll depend on each guy's preferences but I'm sure they'll. Now I'm white & have white friends (guys/girls) who'll never date a black person & I also have black friends (guys/girls) who will never date a white person lol so it really goes both ways. My personally think that black girls have wonderful bodies (Beyonce, Halle Berry, Gabrielle Union, Zoe Santana, Naomi Campbell, Kerry Washington & the list goes on & on lol)

  • Yes, actually. I use to think the same way too, but all of the guys who ask me out have been white. So, yes, there is a demographic for white guys who like black girls :)

  • You have a preference of your own, which is to only date white guys. They have a preference themselves, which is to probably only date the race/races they prefer. Hypocrisy at it's worst. Not to mention self loathing issues.

  • I know a lot of white guys who like black girls including my dad who has been married to my mother (a black woman) for a really long time, I don't know maybe it depends on where your from or where you live or something like that because in my area I see a lot of interracial couples all the time.

  • me 2 but I date every race but I like white guys and I only dated 1 I wanna date more

  • There are so many people I know that date and even are married to white men and black girls. don't feel that way I have friends just like you and they find the right guy. you will also so don't give up on finding your man. there will be hard times and heart breaks on the way but that's just life. never give up.

  • Race isn't anything now a days..I think most people see past color and realize anyone can be beautiful or gorgeous regaurdless on their race..=)

  • Depends a lot on the culture- racist cultures u'll have guys saying things like ' some, but not many' more enlightened cultures will say its very common. For most realistic results- I advise not listening to people from the united states on this one. they tend to be less open minded & far more bigoted.(NOT ALL / SOME./ Thos of you who are logical & humane great . Racist attitudes still exist however. :)

    Or alternatively- don't ask if 'guys' like this or that as tho they are a herd of cattle- Ask each particular guys view :)

  • Well I'm part black and all I ever get approached by or asked out by is white guys.

    Obviously not all white guys like black girls,just as not all black girls like white guys.It's preference.I personally am not attracted to Indians,so I would never go out with one.It's my preference and I know there are plenty of white,black,hispanic or Asian guys who wouldn't go for me because I'm not their race.

    • You aren't attracted to Indians?

      Ouch! - My butt! You must be racist :P

    • Yea totally:)

      Don't get butthurt nowww

  • some won't, some will.

    i personally know a lot of interracial couples

  • ***********HONEST TRUTH****************

    first of all I just wanna say never question your beauty as a black woman. like all men, there are some who are going to be sexually attracted to you and some who won't be. if you are a beautiful woman you gonna be beautiful no matter what society says about black women.

    my thing is, why do you prefer white guys? lets be real, most of them DO NOT like you, or black women in general. whenever I meet someone who strongly prefers a race that they don't even belong to, to the point where they refuse to date within their race, they almost always have serious issues about their race. its not mentally healthy to put white people up on a pedestal like that. especially not when most white guys are not going to take you seriously. black people with fetishes usually find themselves heartbroken when they realize the person they're dealing with either can't relate to them deep down, or subconsciously sees themselves as superior.

    look at the world around you, look at the media, notice how many Americans (whites included) believe what they are shown in the media. search "black girls" on this site and find a lot of negative things that are written about us.

    i hate to break it to you but most non-black guys do not have anything good for black women besides maybe some sex. I do not date white guys but I have been hit on and asked out by them so I know that some are attracted to the features of black women. it's just that you will have a exponentially higher possibility of getting used and not taken seriously by a white guy and his family, friends, etc. and to me I don't think its worth it. Sorry!

    • this irritates me, I'm a white guy, you shouldn't put us all in one box,iv dated/love black women & sometimes as far as I'm concerned there's not enough to go round, well not in my area sadly, but just because you don't like white guys personally there is really no need to be so negative of us all in that way,realise everybody is different & unique, some black will like white some will stay with their own, vice versa,its personal taste, these sort of comments don't help the comming together of people

    • I'm not gonna sell her some fake ass dream just so you won't be irritated, I'm gonna tell her the truth. The majority of white guys she runs across are not gonna see her seriously and that is the cold hard truth she should know before she ends up getting hurt. I didn't say ALL white guys are like that, but she should know what she's up against.

  • I think it depends on their attitude, not color, just with ANY girl. Here in cali, it seems white guys avoid black girls because of their GENERAL attitude (not all of course); they're pretty promiscuous, argumentative/always defensive, loud, bad hygiene etc. (from personal experienced I've come to this conclusion).

  • Yeah they do...:)

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