Why does he always stare at me?

This is my first time in college and this guy in my math class stares me constantly, he holds the door open for me, then he bumped into me and said sorry, then today he sat by me and he kept looking at me, I can see his eyes staring me at me from the corner of my eye. every few minutes, he look at me, then he started talking to me, he tried to make me laugh, then he said he would help me with my homework but he is not good at explaining things, but he would try to help me anyways, even tho he turned down this other guy that needed help. after class, he got up first to get to the door before me so he can hold the door open for me then he asked me where am I headed to now, and that he was going to the computer lab. I'm pretty sure he likes me but I don't know for sure.