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What should you do when a guy puts his arm around you?

I don't do anything and I don't want to dissuade him from doing it again. We were walking and he put his arm around my shoulder for about 10 seconds.... Show More

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  • you should smile and put your hand either in his(the one that's around you ofcourse) or place it somewhere on his arm that lets him know you want to keep it therehope this helps b^_^d

    • This pretty much covers it.

    • Thanks! I'll try that if he ever does again.

    • your welcome :)

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  • put your arm around him as well while your walking, but if you're trying to go downstairs and your different heights this could be a problem. I had the same with a guy from my college, he put his arm round me, pretended to go and kiss me, hugs me for ages even if we're in the way of people he won't move. i thought that he might have feelings for me but he was texting my friend at the same time sayin he wants to have sex with her so I was oviously wrong lol.try and find out if he likes you =)

    • Thanks for the reply! He used to like me last year, but I said no (it's complicated). He's finally starting to warm back up, but now he's starting to touch me. He never used to do that before. I'm not sure what to make of it, because he's usually really reserved and to himself.

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