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Why does he want to spend so much time with me?

Ok well my dad has been pestering me to go to work with him, go out to breakfast with him, see a movie, or go play golf with him. Why is he wanting... Show More

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  • hes probably nervous about you getting with your boyfriend, that's why he wants to bring you to asll of these places so hell knoe your not doing anything with him alone.He probably afraid you might get drunk onme time and have sex with him.Your dad must really really care about you and the reason why he is not arguing with you is because he doesn't want you to turn on him and be mad at him.Also he maybe just wants to catch up and spend some time with you :)

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  • Possibly he's trying to improve on being a father figure for you, and maybe it's recently 'clicked' with him that he's got to do his part in improving your mutual relationship. It sounds like a good thing. If you're really concerned, ask him why the change.

    • I did.He found out my boyfriend gave me a promise ring a few weeks ago. He said he's afraid of loosing his little girl, I've never seen him like this.

  • Your dad is a pedo! :| I would stay clear of his bed.

    • serious answers only please.

  • he wants to catch up and actually be a dad to you.

  • Because he loves you and maybe he realizes that life's too short and he wants to spend it with his love ones.

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