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Gave a guy my number and he texted me an hour later, but I have not heard from him in 2 1/2 days...should I tex

I am a server in a restaurant and I never do this but I was so interested in this guy I could not help it. When I ran his credit card I slipped a note in with my phone number. He left and then text me an hour later saying "I think you are really cute and would love to go out with you, but the problem is that I love that place, what if it didn't work out, how awkward would that be?" I text back "Things are only awkward if you make them awkward guess the ball is in your court..." then nothing. This was 2 days ago, I am really interested in this guy...what do I do? Is he interested?

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  • There's a three day rule to ask a girl out. Wait it for 1 or 2 more days. If nothing, then he's not interested.

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  • Well you can't do anything about it if he is not interested. You gave him the chance and he didn't return so that mean he is not interested at all.

  • Yeah ...you should...and if he doesn't answer it, then it's his lose .