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Why do men look directly into women eyes during a conversation?

I was talking to a guy and he responded to me and he came real close to me and looked directly into my eyes then as I responded back to him I look at... Show More

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  • He might think that looking into your eyes shows confidence and he's doing it because he probably figures most girls are attracted to confident men. The fact that he's looking at you like he's hungry might mean he's nervous and very eager and not use to doing it. I'd take it as a sign that he is really interested in you but is to shy to do anything other then play it safe. Depending on what type of person he is I could be completely wrong (not sure if you two are friendly or how long you've known each other) but I think that it is probable that he is attracted to you since he got real close to you while doing it. Good luck!

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  • If he looking into you eyes then it means that he is interested in you and respects you as well.

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