Will I die alone?

I'm not very social and prefer women that approach me and are outgoing. I work out a lot and besides working I spend a lot of time reading and volunteering. I'd like to get married but I won't make the first move and approach a woman.

I don't think Ill end up alone because I have a high paying job and I'm decent looking and women flirt with me sometimes but I'm a Guy that plays sort of hard to get. My friend says Ill did a virgin and not get married ever, and I am 26 now. Who's right?


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  • I don't know what to tell you. There was a time in our society when it wouldn't have been so hard for you to find a woman. The irony is that for all the talk of gender equality and role reversals, things are worse than ever.

    In the strange world that women live in, they'd rather give a chance to a guy who "acts like a man" but in reality is a bum who'd never be able to support them in a million years, than to a guy who could but doesn't fit the stereotypes they're looking for.

    You're out there actually "being a man", making a living for yourself. Don't ever let any woman give you sh*t for that, just because you're not that actor they see on TV. You're a real man. And real men come in all shapes and sizes, and personalities too. You're a bit more on the passive side of the spectrum, but that doesn't make you any less of a man. Be confident in who you are.

    If I were a woman, I'd think to myself that it's so much more important to find a guy who can "walk the walk" rather than just "talk the talk". Of course, if I were spoiled, I'd want both. But there are so many guys out there who make promises they can't keep. In biology, the female is looking for a male who can protect her and her young. Historically, in modern civilization, this corresponded to the guy who has a good job and high social status. If you go even further back before modern civilization, it corresponded to the guy who was physically toughest in combat.

    But today, everything is fake and all people care about are appearances. Women want a guy who has the roar of a lion, even if he has the bite of a p**** cat. It's not just about being financially supportive either...

    Women go for the guy who chases them the most, because they figure that guy is most serious. And why do women want a guy who is serious? Well, because deep down, they think that's the guy who is most likely to eventually marry them!

    Sadly, that presupposition is flawed. So many guys who chase are not the marrying-type. I have a friend who is a total player, but something about the way he treats women makes them want to lose their virginity to him, give him kids and move in together. And of course, when they start acting like that, he immediately dumps them...after having sex of course. I used to feel sorry for the women, but now it just seems pathetic to me! Truthfully, I don't know if my friend will ever be happily married. He's been down that road before but always chickens out. He's not a bad guy really, but he's bad for women and most of them are just too blind to see why.

    And to the women reading this, I'm not saying guys who chase are never serious. A guy who chases is interested in you, which is a good thing. But you have to realize that there is a difference between being interested and serious. To find a serious guy, you gotta look at other qualities. Some serious guys chase, some don't.

    Sorry if this isn't helpful. When women finally mature, they're usually married. That's why we have so many divorces.

    • Obviously I agree with this answer.

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  • unfortunately most girls, 99 percent wait for the guy to make the move, unless they are desperate maybe less attractive. Girls run off of compliment and are generally insecure, yes the hot ones too so they wait for the man to make the move, why do you think good guys finish last? cause their great catches but they are chicken sh*ts. Its a shame. Players are a huge turn off for me, they seem however to take this simple human nature too far. You gotta act, not like a pig but the next girl that hits on you wants you to take it farther ask her out, shell never ask you, and will assume you're not into her, find her unattractive, and you have nothing.

  • First of all a woman that's only with you because you have a high paying job & are attractive is not the type that you should consider to spend the rest of your life with, that's just a gold digger & a superficial woman. I think you're asking for a lot, since you want outgoing women who approach you. I honestly don't see why you can't approach a woman that you like or find interesting. You should open up a little more & stop just waiting for every woman to approach you because bottom lines is that most women who'll come up to you will just do it because they either want a 1 night stand or because your $. Stop playing so hard to get.

    • No I decided I don't want to pursue women, so I wont. If a woman won't come after me she merits no.expenditure of time nor effort.

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    • whatever tickles your pickle dude, its your life do as you please

    • I need to know what the odds are. I don't intend on dying alone. But I won't pursue women either.

  • They are if ya don't break out of your shell and do what needs to be done. Your fate is in your hands. Do you want to die alone if not grow some courage and ask a chick out, if she says no then that's one down and a million more to go. Don't take it personally when you are rejected but see it as a blessing. If a guy says no to me it's their loss and they will never know how good it would have been.

    • I'm only interested in women that approach me

    • how do guys say no to you? how do they reject you if you are doing the rejecting, not the one receiving it?

    • Moxiedude makes a good and moxious point.

  • I think you have a chance but you can't always expect the woman to make the first move because if she's waiting for you no one will get waht they want. you sound pretty nice so why don't you go ahead and take that leap. Playing hard to get is OK in moderation but if that's all you do then there may be no progress made.

    • My plan is to either marry by 30 or just swear off women. Honestly I don't find any women over 25 to be physically attractive, except maybe 2% of them.

    • well if you don't find women over 25 attractive you have more problems than I thought. Sucks to be you bud. You are 25-30. so date your age if its not getting you off I feel sorry for the girl you settle for. Everyone gets old so do you. I guess if its works out the way you want you're gonna have a young wife when you're old as f**k and shell be loving you're money, and f**king some younger c**k. Cause both men and women are naturally attracted to their own age. better get on that boat or die alon.

  • I think you are fine, you are just 26, it would be weird at 30 something. Are your friends married or something?

    • I don't really have any true friends anymore just a few guys from high school I hang around every now and then.

  • either lower your standards or get more social. o/w, forecast looks dismal.

    • How dismal?

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    • You should get a male mentor who can teach you the ropes.

    • I have no interest in learning the game, either women come to me on my terms or I'm not interested. Its societies deficiency not my own

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  • Probably not. There's an opportunity with everyone. Just try dude. Just try!

  • Why can't you aprouch girls yourself or make the first move?

    • I have but I prefer not to. I wants woman that wants me, and that means proving it

  • well being a man, guy, or male will always be a burden so unfortuneately, it doesn't matter how many times you get knocked down but how many times you get back up

    • I don't fail because I don't play the game