Why do guys act weird?

I am 17 years old and I hate any thing that has to do with romance. I hate hearing about stuff like kissing and other stuff like that. When I'm around friends and they start to talk about things like that and I share my opinion of the topic they mock me. Especially when I told them I will never do any romantic thing like that they don't believe me especially my girl friends, they say I will change my mind, but when I made up my mind I stick to that.

Any way I mostly like chatting with my guy friends because there re more fun, but when we talk about romantic things they get all weird. Like when I told them that nasty and gross and I will never do that they start to act all strange like being romantic to me..one of them give me a hint that they want to kiss me to show me how nice it feels, I mean I don;t seen none of them like that just as a friend/bro.. but why do guys act like that when I told them I hate kissing and other romantic stuff?

prove yourselves guys!


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  • Maybe you just have a different idea of romance, and are private about it. As for the guys, "your guy friends" they like that you are challenging them. It turns them on. Especially because men like to win, so they are playing the game they think you opened up. Just change the subject if it bothers you. Trust me, if you don't want to hear about you'll find a way to avoid it. Talk about: video games, sports, current events, etc, anything but sex/love/romance/etc.

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      uh? I don't challenge them..and what game?

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      no everything don't change I will not change my mind

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