He wants to have sex but I'm not ready. What will I do?

Hey, ok so iv been seeing this guy for a while now,and he keeps bringin up sex, saying how much he wants me etc. I'm actually a virgin,but he doset know this yet. We get on really well and always have a laugh, but I'm afraid if I tell him ''it's'' not going to happen for a while he will get bored and find someoe else.

please help, Thanks


Most Helpful Guy

  • Tell him , its true sexual chemistry is important in a long term or lasting relationship but there are avenues to discover far before that area needs to be explored. Another part of a lasting relationship is honesty be honest with him , tell him the truth less you live and have your love become and be based off of a lie. Also if he gets bored with you and leaves him is not the one for you, relationship, love all of that is about understanding compromise, setting a pace that is good for both people. Also think to yourself do you know him , really know him like all about him, I am not against sex before marriage I think its needed but you are still a virgin a gift and a thing many men actually like, its an honor at least I think and a well trusted right for one to take something so sacred. IF he doesn’t feel this way I don’t think he is worthy the choice who you give yourself to be always your own make sure it’s for the right reasons, to keep someone around before your ready def is not one.