Signs that a guy likes you?

I know this may seem like a dumb question but I just wanna know because I think I might be getting totally the wrong idea about a guy ...

So what do guys do if they like a girl?

What are the signs?


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  • It's not a dumb question. It's asked a lot and for good reason, it's not always easy to tell when someone likes you. Here are some signs to look for- He looks at you a lot, he smiles at you sometimes, he is (or tries to be) funny around you, he tries to be helpful, He tries to show off or tries to convince you he's smart. If he knows you he might talk to you only a little or he might ramble on a lot. These are just some basic things and a lot of it depends on how aggressive he is. Hope this helped.

    • If he is usually aggressive, will he always be that way with women he likes? Like will he wait for her to give signs back if you are close friends or not close at all?

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  • Depending on the guy he may be very shy around you or awkward even. Talk to him and try to loosen him up with some conversation.

  • Usually a guy will look at you a lot not like gawking or staring just looking a lot, want to be around you a lot more and all, and maybe talk to you about seemingly dumb things but wants to get a sense of what your personality is and if you would in his mind be capable of holding a fun and interesting conversation, other than that he will just want to be near you a lot. :)

  • It varies wildly by the type of guy. In general he will look at you more and less shy guys will even talk with you when they can or hang out around you when possible.

    A shy guy will look at you more also, but this type is more likely to become more quiet when around you. If your interested in a shy guy, make him feel more comfortable and he will open up.

  • If he's talking to you more or wants to try and be around you a lot, he likes you.

  • Guys become shy, nervous when you talk to them. If you just give him a big smile, he will go crazy all day long!!

  • Well me and the girl I like are a little shy but not a lot and when we talk I can feel a connection immediately. but besides that if he has a mix of caring about you and a mix of not caring about you then he likes you. I mean when you guys are around it seems like he likes you but then when your not talking it seems like he could care less.then he most likely likes you

    • Haha why is that so? the "when ur not talkng it seems like he could care less"? why do you guys do it anyways?

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  • To know, first you have to talk to him...the main sign is that when your talking to him he looks more to your mouth than your eyes. The second thing and it's found in most guys is that he tries to follow you every where you go and with that I meant in the surrounding place you two are in (like:school) and don't worry he doesn't have to follow you every second...these were the two main signs to know. Good luck and your question is's repeated but's not a dumb question!!

    • What do you mean about looking at a girl's mouth? I think eye contact is a better indicator.

    • Yeah they say that if a guy likes you, he will make a loot of eye contact.

  • If he likes to look at you, tries to touch you often, and smiles at you, for some guys. Others will be really shy, hovering constantly on the outskirts of your group but never really talking to you. Some will be aggressive, messing with your hair, spinning you around and teasing you.

    The real thing to look for is that he's treating you differently than he might treat other girls who he knows as well as he knows you, and who he likes as much (as friends) as he likes you.