Signs that a guy likes you?

I know this may seem like a dumb question but I just wanna know because I think I might be getting totally the wrong idea about a guy ...

So what do guys do if they like a girl?

What are the signs?


Most Helpful Guy

  • It's not a dumb question. It's asked a lot and for good reason, it's not always easy to tell when someone likes you. Here are some signs to look for- He looks at you a lot, he smiles at you sometimes, he is (or tries to be) funny around you, he tries to be helpful, He tries to show off or tries to convince you he's smart. If he knows you he might talk to you only a little or he might ramble on a lot. These are just some basic things and a lot of it depends on how aggressive he is. Hope this helped.

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      If he is usually aggressive, will he always be that way with women he likes? Like will he wait for her to give signs back if you are close friends or not close at all?