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What do teen guys look for in a girl?

OK. not like their appearance or anything but like their personality. or what they should do or how they should act. girls know what they want a guy... Show More

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  • Well you should just be who you are and not some poser. Be crazy and hyper, and act like a rebel. Don't go overboard though. Also try to be a little ambigious, but not too much. Guys need a chase, but don't make it too hard obviously. Let him go after you, after you bait him. That will show if he really wants you or not. Also give hugs, hugs are always good.

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  • Be yourself, be funny, be sweet, lots of hugs, don't act as if we're not there anymore when you're with your friends

  • yer hugs are always good lol.always laugh at his jokes.a little bit mysterious and cheeky

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