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Why does he touch me?

Same guy as my last question...he's now putting his arm around me and grabbing my knee. I don't know if I'm annoyed by this or if I like it. What... Show More

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  • whats there to think

    its clear

    if you like him and wanna make a relation with him go ahead if not just give him a tight slap

    • I think I do like him, but I'm just not sure if he likes me back to answer everyone's questions...:)

What Guys Said 8

  • I'd touch him back and see how you and he react to that!

    • good idea! lol

  • you sure are confused..

    • Yup.

  • You should figure that out first. (and if you don't know, then just decide) Then you'll know what to do.

  • Your next step is to decide whether you are annoyed or like it.

  • God you seem so innocent. If a guy touches you in sensitive areas like thighs, arm, hips it is because he likes you and he is trying to be intimate, he wants you to feel comfortable with his touch.

  • sounds like he is trying to flirt with you plain and simple

  • how is it you have no points, uve been on here since last year but you only have two questions. the points don't add up right?

    also, your other question is anonymous. how do we know what the situation is.

    but as far as this ? goes. you seem to be a little weirded out. I've been told men shouldn't touch a girl until she touches you first. something about why men are more willing to be touched than men are when in the early stages of flirting. I would tell him that you don't feel comfortable with it right now. and if it continues that you shouldn't see each other. if it persists, get help

    • I don't really come on here a lot...thanks malekoniky

    • my last question.

      I have a guy friend, and I think he likes me but I'm not sure. We and other friends went to this concert and we stood the whole time, and he stood next to me the whole time. when he clapped I told him he was bursting me eardrums with his huge hands. he held up his hand, grabbed my hand, and placed it against his. we stayed like this for about 10 seconds, and then our friends started looking so he smiled and dropped his hand. is this a sign?!?

What Girls Said 2

  • just see your feeling,If you feel uncomfortable ,just go

  • Be sarcastic and say, "Hey man, don't grab my knee; Now if you want to kiss me, that's okay"!

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