Why do men lie and then try to turn it around on the girl?

I have been dating a guy for 4 months. He moved in, and was always with me and very loving towards me except he was lazy and would lie about the stupidest things. For example, if food from the freezer was missing, he didn't eat it..Even though I knew he did.

One day we got into a BIG fight about this and I asked him why he lied about things like that. He said that if I thought he was a liar, he was leaving...and he left..Over food. Unreal.

Now he has been texting me all night, every night saying that he knew he was wrong and he regrets leaving me. (1 week ago) He wants no one but me and he loves me very much.

Today I had 2 girls from his job contact me and say that I shouldn't fall for his crap because he has been stalking a girl at work since he left me(not before he left but since then) I confronted him about how he said he only wants to be with me and told him I knew about the girl and he's creeping her out.

He started calling me a loser and swearing and me and saying really awful, nasty things. I don't care, I'm done, its over, but why, this is for men and woman, do guys do such things and try to hurt us when we are already hurt about the lies to begin with. Why the insults? Why the name calling and why try to flip the script?

And no he is not overweight, he's actually very skinny.

I apologize I don't want this to be a man thing, why do people lie(male or female) and then get angry at the person they lied to and become very nasty?


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  • The man, or should I say boy, is not able to accept he is wrong for anything. And though when confronted with the truth, he acts like a petulant boy, and thus blames you for his own shortcomings.

    He needs to grow up an accept responsibility for his actions, to tell the truth and to do deal witht he consequences. It is your decision if you continue to mother this boy in the hope he develops into a man, or you leave him to have his tantrums on his own.

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      No, I'm done with him. he has been calling me every night, in the middle of the night. Now I turned my phone off. I don't like to mother anyone. I take people for what they are with no expectation of change. It is what it is, just wondered why people do this. It is definately over.

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      So, its basically a temper tantrum because they didn't get away with it? Thanks, that's useful information. More useful than the idiot below who answers questions to be nasty and insult people. And he doesn't even answer the question you ask in the first place.

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      Oh absolutely it's a temper tantrum. Have you ever seen a little child misbehaving whilst being out. And someone tries to be nice to them and they turn round and go "I don't like you", and if the person being nice persists the little child then screams and stamps their feet. Basically he really needs to grow up, pretty much like the other idiot you were on about.