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MY guy friend kissed me and likes to touch my thighs, etc...Does he like me?

Me and my guy friend were at my locker and he hugged me tight and kissed me on the cheek which surprised me. He also touches my thighs, when we sit beside each other he rubs my thighs and squeezes them. He said I was hot and and suggested that we should date out if know where.(I didn't answer) Does he like me and want to ask me out, or am I dreaming?

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  • umm.. you kidding me?

  • omg are you stupid? lol of course he does... what more do you need to understand it? taking his d*** and pluging it in your mouth?)))

  • retard alertyes he does

  • Date out if I know where?Don't understandAnd there is at least one thing about you he likes

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