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Guys, if a girl winks at you, do you think she's interested?

I'm interested in a guy I often talk to on the train. I think he's interested in me (smiles, laughs at my jokes, some prolonged eye contact, etc.),... Show More

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  • Perfect! As you said, you are a bit shy, so any interaction with him is valued by him. A little wink in great and as you said, wouldn't be blatantly obvious to the passengers. Do it when you are sitting a bit apart, one of those moments when you have extended eye contact, then give him a wink and smile. A little blush, that's a great way to let him know that you are interested. It wouldn't creep me out, I'd smile and maybe laugh a bit. You can't go wrong, especially since things have gone well talking with in the past. Good luck!

  • a wink will be a good idea its not weird or anything , try to do it he should get the message that you like him or at least intersted in him .

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