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First date and he told me to text him to let him know I made it home safe?

I did but he did not reply and I have not heard from him. Does that mean there's no 2nd date and he's not interested? It's been less than a week but... Show More

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  • I think when a guy is really interested they tend to call and lock up the next date within a few days. That has been my experience. So, I am not saying you won't hear from him but the longer this goes on the more lukewarm I would consider him to be about dating you. The fact that he asked you to let him know when you got home safely but then did not respond is also not a great deal. Any guy who is interested in you is not going to be too busy to send a text. I mean, come on, how little effort is involved in sending text. I also would not buy the idea he has not checked his phone. As a society, we have become almost obsessive in looking at our phones for electronic communication. Again, if he does contact you, that is good but I would still really wonder what level of interest could possibly be there when he is being so unresponsive. Good luck!

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  • I'm obviously not a guy, but I don't think it means that. A lot of people don't answer to texts that aren't a direct question.

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