Rubber band effect, how many guys would agree?

When going through some old books I happened across my mum's copy of 'Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus'. There's a theory fairly early on called the rubber band effect of men. Basically the rubber band effect is that in relationships men will back away to fulfill some kind of need- be that work, stress related whatever. When they are fully 'stretched' i.e. have fulfilled that they will be ready for certain intimacy and snap back in the relationship.

SO, my question is how many men- girls can answer if they've seen this behavior exhibited in relationships- have done this manouvre of pulling away only to come back stronger?


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  • it doesnot make sense 4 me


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  • Interesting...well I was aware that we are cyclical...but not defined to that point or in that way..I will have to give it some thought...


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  • I have done it. I do it regularly not just romantic relationships, but friends, family, etc. I think its fairly normal, for anyone that has a life beyond a relationship.

    • Would you say that there's a certain length of time that this happens for? Cus I'm pretty sure I've done it before and it lasted about 4-5 days with contact. Actually that might not be it at all...

    • contact? well I usually like to go of by myself to work on projects & sort things out every few days of a week, & then one week out of a month. & one month at least out of every year but id say three months where I'm just working & not being around people, just organizing stuff.