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Rubber band effect, how many guys would agree?

When going through some old books I happened across my mum's copy of 'Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus'. There's a theory fairly early on... Show More

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  • Interesting...well I was aware that we are cyclical...but not defined to that point or in that way..I will have to give it some thought...

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  • I have done it. I do it regularly not just romantic relationships, but friends, family, etc. I think its fairly normal, for anyone that has a life beyond a relationship.

    • Would you say that there's a certain length of time that this happens for? Cus I'm pretty sure I've done it before and it lasted about 4-5 days with contact. Actually that might not be it at all...

    • contact? well I usually like to go of by myself to work on projects & sort things out every few days of a week, & then one week out of a month. & one month at least out of every year but id say three months where I'm just working & not being around people, just organizing stuff.

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