Will women try to seduce shy men?

If the guy is what most women would call good looking and in shape, but is more on the 'innocent' and quiet side?

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  • I'm not attracted to shy/quiet men whatsoever. Dated one, will never do it again. Too much damn work and little to no pay off. I consider it my worst relationship to date. Outgoing men are more like me.

    • I hate you...LOL

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    • That bad ehh? I'm kinda shy, but if I was already with a girl I genuinely liked, I don't see how there would even be a problem.

      He probably just wasn't all that interested. Some guys aren't very sociable or talkative simply because they're d***s, not because they are shy. I can't say for sure obviously, but to me it sounds like the guy just wasn't all that interested.

    • We dated for a year and he said he wanted to marry me. I'd say he was pretty interested but who knows lol