Will women try to seduce shy men?

If the guy is what most women would call good looking and in shape, but is more on the 'innocent' and quiet side?


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  • I'm not attracted to shy/quiet men whatsoever. Dated one, will never do it again. Too much damn work and little to no pay off. I consider it my worst relationship to date. Outgoing men are more like me.

    • I hate you...LOL

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    • That bad ehh? I'm kinda shy, but if I was already with a girl I genuinely liked, I don't see how there would even be a problem.

      He probably just wasn't all that interested. Some guys aren't very sociable or talkative simply because they're d***s, not because they are shy. I can't say for sure obviously, but to me it sounds like the guy just wasn't all that interested.

    • We dated for a year and he said he wanted to marry me. I'd say he was pretty interested but who knows lol

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  • Depends on what you mean by innocent... I've been going after a shy guy for about a month and a half now, but we're undergrads so I hope he'd have his sh*t together by age 21, for his own sake haha

  • I like a challenage so yes I do. They are mysterious and cute.

    • Guess that's my problem, I'm only interested in good looking women. No offense lol

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    • rory I wish I could thumbs-up your comment. don't listen to him, you're cute!

    • Hey I'm not saying the answerer isn't good looking far from it.

  • yep, some will.

  • i think that's great that you're waiting until marriage and that's your choice and yours only! I am 20 and a virgin as well and honestly it depends on the guy himself. if I knew a guy was saving himself then I wouldn't want to tempt him and I would respect his wishes and morals. I mean I would want a guy to respect mine as well. respect is a two way street. you have to give to get :) good luck. friend me if you want!

    • No thanks, pepper01. After reading some of your answers you seem like a ho. "I only like jerks" and "i love BBC". You sound like some 16 year old ho.

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    • Wanting to date someone because of their race is by definition shallow, and also sort of passively racist. Wanting to date someone that shares your moral beliefs and has a similar level of sexual experience to you is not shallow or immature.

      Are you serious?

    • as I said before its called PREFERENCE. we both like what we like and none of us are changing so why argue over something so stupid?

  • depends on the girl :)

  • Most will not, but every now and then you will run into a girl that's willing to play that role. she's most likely the alpha female t ype

  • Yes, but not you.

    You're that 28 year old virgin who thinks he's too good to ask women out so they have to ask you out, and they have to be perfect and virgins too.

    Get a grip. Grow some balls. Ask them yourself. (you know you'll get shot down, that's why you don't do it - but that's no reason to not try)

    • I'm a 26 year old virgin, and I think most women prefer men with morals and self control that saved themselves. I consider any attractive women that approach me as long as they respect my decision to wait until marriage. I wouldn't date a woman that has casual sex but I don't care how many men she's been with as long as they were all long-term relationships

    • Okay, but your attitude towards people is what puts them off, ans women can sense that in a person. They don't even have to speak to them to feel this repulsion.

      Perhaps that's why you've never had a girlfriend?

      And the fact that you've never asked anyone out isn't helping either.

      Didn't you say you were going to start asking women out? What happened to that decision?

    • No women have asked me out and I did ask a woman out, just haven't got past 3 months or so because I haven't found the right woman yet. I've been dumped a few times and dumped a few girls because they had very slutty pasts

  • depends on the girls. they all treat men in their own ways I guess. and they all have their own ideas about them.(don't take this in a completely bad way) but some would.


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  • I was shy a long while ago, and had a few girls pursue me. They gave up after a couple months.

    So honestly, some girls WILL try to get something going, but it's up to the shy guy to be a man and take control of himself by shifting the seduction back his way. Guys have to play the dominant role and get what they want, while the women play the submissive feminine role and submit to his frame.

    • What if a man refuses to be the dominant partner in a relationship or to try and impress women, but still will only consider good looking women?

    • then you're screwed, because there are other guys that are willing to be dominant and get their attention, and they will always get the girl before you

    • What if I'm only willing to be dominant after a woman has initiated matters lol

  • your a 26 year old virgin, lol dam bro

    • Yes, I think 90% of women view this as a positive.

    • naw son , women want a girl who can show then tricks and have experience, I bet if you tell a girl you dating that your a virgin they will run, I bet 1000 dollars trust me I know

    • Only if they aren't a virgin. I tell the women up front that I only date virgin women. A LOT of them freak out, especially the Christian women lol

  • Not every single woman out there, but quite a few would for sure. But you should do what Cyrus recommended, because you can be confident without being a chatterbox.

  • very unlikely

  • Yep. They love it.

    • Okay, only the girls and women who have thrown themselves at me loved it, the rest hated it.

  • If you already have the good looking and in shape part down, you should switch innocent and quiet, to mysterious and quiet, that will get you a lot more attention trust me :)

  • i don't think girls are attracted to "innocent" side. I tend to be quiet but I am definitely not innocent by any means. I think you're trying to convince yourself/justify that girls will tolerate your lack of experience and shyness (both very non-confident things, which is the opposite of what girls like).

    i know a guy who is physically a good looking guy I guess, in fact he put up pictures on a dating site and told me he got a lot of messages. I believe it because all you can judge in a picture are looks (an "about me" paragraph can't really capture your character and who you really are as a person), so just based on looks I'm sure he got girls' attention. the thing though is that he is really such a dork in real life lol. I am not even trying to be mean, I like him but really he is just pretty awkward, too "nice guy"-ish, has no social grace I guess, especially with women. this is exactly what gives him problems and what turns girls off (it's true that girls care more about character/personality than looks alone).

    so to go back to your question, if you think you're in this kind of situation, just be more talkative and less "innocent" (what exactly do you mean by "innocent" though? I assume you're basically saying you are not as much of a rebel or risk-takers as some other guys. be smart but don't be a pussy). be yourself but fine-tune yourself to be more desirable to women by being more confident, brave, aware of proper social etiquette, etc. this will far outweigh being just good looking and in shape.

    • Quiet != shy, as you pointed out. Lack of experience has nothing to do with self confidence either, and confidence has nothing to do with pursuing women or having game.

      Many PUA are insecure little losers that need the constant praise and approval of everyone around them